All-in-one Pet Care Solution in Flutter + Laravel with ChatGPT

Pawlly revolutionizes the world of pet care services with its comprehensive and user-friendly platform. Catering to every aspect of pet care, including veterinary services, training, walking, grooming, boarding, and daycare, Pawlly stands as the ultimate solution for pet owners seeking top-notch care for their furry companions.

The Pawlly ecosystem comprises three seamlessly integrated components: a dynamic customer mobile app, an efficient employee app, and a robust admin panel. The customer app empowers pet owners to effortlessly schedule appointments for their pets, manage multiple pets within a single booking, and select from a range of services offered. The employee app enables service providers to access their schedules, manage events and blogs, and engage with clients professionally.

At the heart of Pawlly lies the advanced admin panel, built using the Laravel 9 and Vue.js 3 technologies. The admin panel serves as the nerve center, allowing administrators to oversee employees, customers, and their pets. It facilitates efficient management of employee earnings, customer reviews, events, blogs, and notification settings. With an emphasis on data security, roles and permissions can be finely tuned to ensure optimal access control. The admin panel further offers comprehensive booking management tools, empowering administrators to orchestrate seamless service delivery.

The financial aspect is elegantly handled through a commission-based model. Admins earn a commission from each booking, while employees receive their due share. The payout process is simplified with manual disbursements initiated from the admin panel. A suite of detailed reports provides insights into earnings and payouts, ensuring transparency and accountability.

Pawlly is designed with a global audience in mind. It supports multiple languages including Arabic, French, Hindi, German, and English. The mobile apps and admin panel offer both dark and light modes to suit user preferences, enhancing usability and accessibility.

Customization is at the core of the Pawlly experience. The admin panel features the power of Hope UI, an open-source, enterprise-grade admin template. This integration empowers administrators to personalize the platform’s appearance, including colors, menu styles, and card designs, without the need for developer intervention. Business information, logos, mail settings, and time zones can be effortlessly managed through the admin panel’s intuitive settings interface.

Incorporating cutting-edge technology, such as OneSignal for push notifications and multiple payment gateways for online transactions, Pawlly ensures a seamless and secure user experience.

Discover Pawlly today and redefine the way you engage with pet care services. Experience convenience, customization, and compassion, all in one app.

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