Android Images and File To PDF Converter App Project

Have JPG when you need a PDF? Convert JPG to PDF in a few seconds! 😃
Here is an easy to use Android app to convert images to PDF file!


  1. Create PDF from multiple images from camera or gallery
  2. View your converted PDFs
    1. Open, Rename, Delete, print, share files
    2. Sort the files order based on a number of options
    3. View File details (Path, size, date created ...)
    4. Encrypt PDF
    5. Decrypt PDF
    6. Rotate Pages
  3. Different themes
  4. Merge existing PDFs
  5. Split existing PDFs
  6. Convert text file to PDFs
  7. Compress existing PDF
  8. Remove pages from a PDF
  9. Rearrange pages of a PDF
  10. Extract images from PDF
  11. History : View all the PDF related conversions

Here is a home page to get quick access to all the features "PDF Converter" provides:


Creating a PDF file

Step 1 : User can view the PDF files previously created or create a new one!

Step 2 : Select the images


Step 3 : Name the PDF file

Step 4 : Creating PDF

Hurray! PDF files of selected images are created.

Viewing the PDF files


Different themes

Go to Settings, and you can have three type of themes : Black, Dark, White


Merge PDF

Text to PDF





Download Source Code  Get it on Google Play

Project Credit and original Source : - Github


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