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Hospital Management System php website with Android APP

Admin Panel consist 24 modules listed below -

  1. Front Office - for all OPD appointment and reception/front office related activities like enquiries, calls, visitors, postal receive/dispatch
  2. OPD - Out Patient - for all OPD patient registration, visits, revisits, old OPD patients
  3. IPD - In Patient - for all IPD patients admission, consultant register, diagnosis, timeline, IPD charges, payments, bill and discharged ipd patients
  4. Pharmacy - for all medicine list, stock, and pharmacy bills
  5. Pathology - for all pathology test details and patient test records
  6. Radiology - for all radiology test details and patient test records
  7. Operation Theatre - for managing patient operation activities and operation records
  8. Blood Bank - for managing blood group available blood stock, donor details and blood issue details
  9. Zoom Live Consultation - for patient zoom live consultation and for staff live meetings.
  10. TPA Management - Third Party Administrator for managing changes and records of insurance or mediclaim companies
  11. Finance - for managing general income and expense
  12. Ambulance - for managing ambulance vehicles and ambulance call details
  13. Birth And Death Record - for managing all details of newly born babies birth and patients death
  14. Human Resource - for all the information related to staff members can be manage here like staff search, profile, attendance, payroll, leaves
  15. Messaging - it works like a notice board basically a messaging system for communication to patient and staff
  16. Download Center - for managing downloadable documents that need to distribute staff
  17. Inventory - manage all the assets of your hospital with stocks and store under inventory module
  18. Front CMS - manage front website of Smart Hospital here by creating pages, menus, events, gallery, news
  19. Reports - all the various reports related to different modules can be found here
  20. Patient - all patient related details can be found here
  21. Notifications - all automated notifications can be found here
  22. Calendar & ToDo List - track and manage all daily/monthly activities and create your task in todo list
  23. Setup - configure Smart Hospital here for different settings like hospital, sessions, admin password, SMS, Paypal, backup / restore, languages
  24. One Click Updater - to install new update in existing system


Patient Panel has 10 sections -

  1. My Appointments
  2. OPD
  3. IPD
  4. Pharmacy
  5. Pathology
  6. Radiology
  7. Operation Theatre
  8. Ambulance
  9. Blood Bank
  10. Live Consultation

For Live Demo & Enquiry  :

WhatsApps : +916263056779

Email :

Script Come With :

  •  Free Installation support
  • Free technical support
  •  Future product updates
  •  Quality checked by PROJECTWORLDS
  •  Lowest price guarantee
  •  3 months support included
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Best ERP, Stock Management, Point of Sale & Invoicing application

Key Features:

  1. Multiple Business/Shops: 

    1. Set up multiple businesses in the application.
    2. No restriction on numbers of businesses.
    3. Inventory & accounting information is kept separately for each business.
  2. Add Location / Storefronts  / Ware House: 

    1. Create multiple locations for your business/shop
    2. Manage all of them at the same time.
    3. Stocks, Purchases, Sell can be tracked differently for locations.
    4. Customize invoice layout, invoice scheme for each location
  3. User & Role Management: 

    1. Powerful user and role management system
    2. Predefined roles – Admin & Cashier
    3. Create different Roles with permission as per your need.
    4. Create unlimited users with different roles.
  4. Contacts (Customer & Suppliers):

    1. Mark contact as customer or supplier or both(customer & Supplier)
    2. View details of transactions with a contact.
    3. View total of Credit/Debit balance amount
    4. Define pay term and get payment alerts week before the due date.
  5. Products: 

    1. Manage Single & Variable products.
    2. Classify products according to Brands, Category, Sub-Category.
    3. Add products having different units
    4. Add SKU number or auto-generate SKU number with prefixes.
    5. Get stock alerts on low stock.
    6. Save time by auto calculating selling price, the system is smart to auto calculate selling price based on purchase price and profit margin.
    7. No need to type variations every time, create variation template and use it everytime you need to create variable products.
  6. Purchases:

    1. Easily add purchases.
    2. Add purchase for different locations.
    3. Manage Paid/Due purchases.
    4. Get Notified of Due purchases week before the pay date.
    5. Add discounts & Taxes
  7. Sell:

    1. Simplified interface for selling products
    2. Default Walk-In-Customer automatically added to a business
    3. Add new customer from POS screen.
    4. Ajax based selling screen – save reloading time
    5. Mark an invoice for draft or final
    6. Different options for payments
    7. Customize invoice layout and invoice scheme.
  8. Manage Expenses:

    1. Easily add business expenses
    2. Categorise expenses
    3. Analyse expenses based on category and business locations with expenses report.
  9. Reports: 

    1. Purchase & Sale report
    2. Tax Report
    3. Contact Reports
    4. Stock Reports
    5. Expense Report
    6. View Trending Products, drill down by Brands, Category, Sub-category, Units and date ranges
    7. Expense Reports
    8. Cash Register Report
    9. Sales Representative report
  10. Other useful feature:

    1. Set currency, timezone, financial year, the profit margin for a business.
    2. Translation ready.
    3. Predefined barcode sticker settings.
    4. Create your barcode sticker setting
    5. Manage Brands, Tax Rate & Tax groups, Units, Category & Sub-Category
    6. Easy 3 steps installation.
    7. Detailed documentation
    8. Stock Adjustment
    9. Express Checkout
    10. Works Offline

For Live Demo & Enquiry  :

WhatsApps : +916263056779

Email :

Script Come With :

  •  Free Installation support
  • Free technical support
  •  Future product updates
  •  Quality checked by PROJECTWORLDS
  •  Lowest price guarantee
  •  3 months support included
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Taxi Application Android & iOS APP with Admin panel

Features :


  1. Wizard UX for pickup point and destination selection
  2. Select services with fees defined in back-end CMS
  3. Real-time location updates of driver during trip
  4. In-App Chat & Call between driver and rider
  5. Writing Review & rating the trip
  6. Predefined Coupons to get discounts on service fee
  7. History of all in-app credit Transactions available for driver and rider
  8. See message sent by admin for Promotions, news & etc.
  9. Add credit to in-app Wallet
  10. Pay the fee of travel with in-app credit or cash


  1. Switch between available & unavailable statuses
  2. Requests shown as cards with information about travel before accepting
  3. Google Maps API estimates travel’s fee by taking both best estimated duration & distance of travel into account
  4. Cancel Travel before starting
  5. In-App Chat & Call between driver and rider
  6. Request payment to bank account when it reaches a certain amount

Admin Panel

  1. Overview Showing current online drivers and some statistics about platform’s state
  2. Drivers/Riders Showing details and history of drivers and riders.
  3. Requests Viewing and searching for all service requests.
  4. Complaints Manage and view complaints driver/rider made on their trip through app.
  5. Coupons Define new coupon codes that your users can use to get discounts on their services
  6. Promotions Send promotional messages to your users in order to increase engagement rate
  7. Payment Requests Request of drivers for paying in app credit to bank account is shown and admin can select and mark them as done. This action will automatically reduce amount paid from driver’s credit
  8. Services Define services and fee structure of them.
  9. Regions Define regions app would operate on.
  10. Fleets Define fleets to assign drivers to them. By setting a share for fleet commission of trip would be spitted between fleet and system admin by that percent.
  11. Payment Gateway Define payment gateways that user can use to pay for his trip and top up wallet. Currently PayPal, Braintree, Stripe, PayStack, Flutterwave, PayGate is enabled in addition to possibility to redirect to 3rd party URL of gateway integration without having to edit app backend API.
  12. Cars Define car models to assign to drivers later.
  13. Users List all users who have access to dashboard with their respective permission to each section.

For Live Demo & Enquiry  :

WhatsApps : +916263056779

Email :

Script Come With :

  •  Free Installation support
  • Free technical support
  •  Future product updates
  •  Quality checked by PROJECTWORLDS
  •  Lowest price guarantee
  •  3 months support included
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Food Delivery App with Admin Panel with Delivery Boy App

User App Features-

  1. Multi-store supported
  2. Coverage area
  3. Take away & Home delivery
  4. Splash & OnBoarding screen
  5. Login and Registration with email & password
  6. Password reset option using confirmation OTP
  7. Multiple languages
  8. LTR & RTL supported
  9. Smart homepage with category, set menu, banner & latest items.
  10. Promotional banner option with category or item redirection
  11. Nice category & subcategory page
  12. Search food item with search suggestions
  13. Filter option in the search
  14. Product wishlist
  15. Cart screen with the dynamic configurable payment method
  16. Promo code system
  17. Order list and details
  18. Order tracking with live delivery man location
  19. Save addresses for quick order
  20. In-app chatting with the restaurant owner
  21. Custom notification
  22. User profile
  23. Dark & Light theme for better user experience.

Delivery Man Features-

  1. Splash & Login with email and password.
  2. Active order list
  3. Order details with Start delivery and Confirm delivery button
  4. Delivery success screen with the receivable amount from the customer
  5. Google map direction for customer delivery location
  6. Delivered order history
  7. Delivery man profile
  8. LTR & RTL supported
  9. Dark & Light theme

Admin Dashboard Features-

  1. Branch management
  2. Order management
  3. Food category & subcategory management
  4. Food variation & addon management
  5. Food item & set menu management
  6. Chat with customer
  7. Send custom notification
  8. Coupon management
  9. Customer management
  10. Delivery man management
  11. Rich Analytics & Reports
  12. Restaurant business settings

For Live Demo & Enquiry  :

WhatsApps : +916263056779

Email :

Script Come With :

  •  Free Installation support
  • Free technical support
  •  Future product updates
  •  Quality checked by PROJECTWORLDS
  •  Lowest price guarantee
  •  3 months support included
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Ecommerce Shopping Website Complete Website with Android APP

Key Features :

  1. Voice Search
  2. Taxable Reports
  3. Taxable Reports
  4. New Shipping system where you can put courier / consignment no. / tracking link / expected delivery date.
  5. 360 degree Images
  6. Tax invoice design with QR code
  7. Flat shipping on whole order option.
  8. Simple Product System
  9. Trash Bin for Simple and Variant products
  10. Digital Product System
  11. Syncable Vue Translations
  12. External (third party) Product System
  13. Easy Translation manager
  14. Bulk Import Simple product with images
  15. Subscription voucher option for seller subscriptions
  16. Exclusive Layouts
  17. Seller Subscription System (Extended License required)
  18. Roles and Permission SYSTEM (ACL)
  19. Affiliate system
  20. Exclusive Layouts
  21. Exclusive Filter’s
  22. Send custom rich push notification via OneSignal
  23. Visitor Chart
  24. Exclusive Dashboard
  25. Progressive Web APP [PWA] v2
  26. MSG91 for Order Management
  27. Twillo in SMS Settings for Order Management
  28. Ability To Login As User By Admin
  29. Google 2-Factor authentication
  30. Multi Language
  31. 21 Most Popular Language Supported
  32. User Dashboard
  33. Store page
  34. Gift pkg. charges
  35. Admin Dashboard
  36. User Dashboard, Vendor, Admin Dashboard with Sales chart
  37. Monthly sales chart on admin / seller dashboard
  38. Monthly payout states for seller dashboard
  39. User registration states on admin dashboard
  40. Color Theme Options added
  41. RTL for Front and Admin
  42. SEO Settings
  43. Google tag manager
  44. Auto SEO for Product Detail page
  45. Site Settings
  46. One-click XML Sitemap generator
  47. Cross Browser Compatible
  48. Mobile and Tablet Support
  49. Rechargeable Wallet System
  50. Blog Management
  51. Quick Checkout
  52. Auto ISGT, CGST, SGST Calculation for India Specific
  53. Payment Gateways – Stripe, PayPal, COD, Bank Manual Payment, Braintree, Paystack, Skrill, Payhere, Omise, Flutter rave, Moli
  54. Indian Payment Gateways – Instamojo, PayUmoney, RazorPay, Paytm, Cashfree
  55. Payhere (Srilanka Payment gateway)
  56. Omise (Thailand & Japan Payments)
  57. AAMARPAY, SSLCommerze (Bangladesh) Payment gateway
  58. Iyzico (Turkey) Payment gateway
  59. Language Translator
  60. Order states on order management
  61. Multi seller enable/disable on one click
  62. Push Notifications & Mail for real time Order Updates
  63. User and Seller Terms Settings
  64. Feedback System
  65. Help Desk & Ticket System
  66. Newsletter (Mail Chimp)
  67. Wish list
  68. Secured Cart System
  69. Real Time Currency Conversion
  70. Currency by Geo Location
  71. Currency filter by per country
  72. Dynamic Filters
  73. Dynamic menus with tag & multi category selection
  74. Open Exchange rate API for flexible currency conversion
  75. Sort Three Level Categories with Drag & Drop Feature
  76. Featured Categories
  77. Three Level Categories
  78. FAQ,s
  79. Compare of Product
  80. Product Image Zoom
  81. Testimonial
  82. Guest Checkout
  83. Facebook Messenger Chat Bubble to Quick interact with your visitors
  84. Social Login – Google, Facebook & Gitlab, Amazon, Twitter, Linkedin
  85. Order History
  86. Social Pages follower count in Dashboard
  87. Brand’s, SKU Code
  88. Shipping (local pickup, Shipping weight, free shipping, flat rate)
  89. Invoice Customization
  90. Product Comment System
  91. Product Review & rating System
  92. Bulk Import Product using CSV, XLX files
  93. Coupon management
  94. Geo location (add country)
  95. On/Off Vendor System on Portal
  96. Only login user can see price – on/off
  97. Advance Tax Management
  98. Unit System
  99. Widget Create & Management
  100. Vendor Commission Management
  101. Refund & Return System
  102. Cash On Delivery (COD) System
  103. Dynamic Slider
  104. Site Settings
  105. Right Click, Inspect Element disable
  106. Mail setting through Admin
  107. API Setting by Admin
  108. Dynamic Footer
  109. reCaptcha v2
  110. Facebook Pixel
  111. Google Analytics
  112. Advance Product Search
  113. Mega Menu
  114. ADS & Promotion Management
  115. Product Variation System
  116. Various Shipping Methods
  117. Multiple Address selection
  118. Product Report System
  119. Customizable Invoice Setting
  120. Track refund at live system
  121. Beautiful & Powerful Admin Panel
  122. Multiple Locales
  123. Multiple Countries
  124. Multiple Currencies
  125. Low Inventory Alert
  126. Estimated Read time in blogs
  127. Maintenance Mode
  128. Render Blocking Resource for CSS and JS
  129. Auto generation Opengraph, Twitter Card, Json LD SEO Tags
  130. Easy Installer
  131. Bootstrap Framework
  132. Based on 1170px grid
  133. W3C Valid Markup
  134. Smooth Transition Effects
  135. Free Icon Fonts
  136. Font Awesome Icons
  137. Google Fonts
  138. Responsive Design
  139. Documentation & Video Guide Include
  140. Unique and Exclusive Idea
  141. Unique and Creative Project

For Live Demo & Enquiry  :

WhatsApps : +916263056779

Email :

Script Come With :

  •  Free Installation support
  • Free technical support
  •  Future product updates
  •  Quality checked by PROJECTWORLDS
  •  Lowest price guarantee
  •  3 months support included
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Premium Online Exam For Caching & Training Institute Website with APP

Key Features :

  1. Free/Paid Exams and Exam Series with detailed time analysis on each question
  2. Sectional exams and Practice exams
  3. Questions display in 2 languages
  4. Practice Exams before login
  5. Support for 7 types of questions
  6. Negative mark exam support with difficulty level
  7. Strengths and weakness of the student for each subject
  8. Question Bank
  9. Free/Paid Learning management System like video portal and downloadable items
  10. Rayzorpay Payment Gateway
  11. reChaptcha Security
  12. Dynamic multi lingual system
  13. Multiple payment gateways(Payu, Paypal, Razorpay, Offlinepayment)
  14. Enable or disable modules with given settings

Practice exams for guest users

  1. Practice exams are added for guest users
  2. No need of login or registration

Sectional exams

  1. Now sectional exam feature is provided in this version
  2. Each exam can be divided into sections and each section has set of questions
  3. Section with and without timer

Question display in 2 languages

  1. Now the exam question and options are displayed in multiple languages based on user choice
  2. Simple admin panel to create multiple language questions

Extra security layer is added

  1. Now the user who is taking an exam cannot copy the contents of the exam
  2. Right click, select print copy, cut, save etc keys are disabled

Front end CMS pages

  1. Beautiful landing page added
  2. Exams page
  3. Learning management with categories and contents
  4. Pricing page
  5. Courses
  6. Pattern
  7. Syllabus
  8. About us
  9. Contact us

Multi theme support

  1. Now this system supports multiple themes
  2. In future, other themes can be added without touching the existing themes
  3. Admin can change the theme on single click as per his preference

Newsletter Subscriptions

  1. Newsletter subscription subscription
  2. Admin can view and download the subscribed users

Dynamic Multi lingual system

  1. For any language, no headache for updating the language strings
  2. Just create the language and traverse the site once
  3. Done. Our system will build the language strings on its own..!

Flexible Master Settings

  1. Enable/Disable modules of the project from admin settings
  2. Multiple Payment gateways settings (PayU and Paypal)
  3. Email Settings
  4. SEO Settings
  5. Email Template Settings
  6. Certificate Settings
  7. Site Settings
  8. Theme settings

Question Bank

  1. All questions are maintained under this module
  2. Later these questions can be added to any no. of exams as per requirement
  3. Support for 7 type of questions
  • Single Answer
  • Multi Answer
  • Match the following
  • Fill in the blanks
  • Paragraph
  • Audio
  • Video

Option to set a benchmark for answer time for each question so that the performance of the student can be evaluated

3 types of difficulty levels for question

  • Easy
  • Medium
  • Hard

Hint for each question during exam

Explanation for each question after exam

Dynamic support for no. of options for each question

Support for image type of questions and answers

Excel upload for bulk questions (supports 3000+ questions at a time)

Detailed report will be Downloaded after excel questions upload

Each question is specific to particular subject and topic for obtaining the strengths and weakness of the student for that subject

Exams Module

  1. Paid and free exams
  2. Paid exams will have the cost and validity period
  3. Set the visibility period for exam to shown for user
  4. Marks and Negative marks support for each quiz
  5. While updating the questions to quiz, handy filters are given to pick your question from large set of Question Bank Module
  6. User friendly interface to update or delete the questions
  7. Total marks of a quiz is based on the questions added to it
  8. Supports 900+ questions per exam

Exam Series

  1. You can club set of different quizzes together and give a name to it
  2. Paid and free exam series
  3. For paid series you can set the cost and validity in days
  4. The series may contain the paid or free quizzes
  5. In free series, if any paid quizzes available, the user need to buy that specific quiz from quiz module
  6. User friendly interface to add/update quizzes in exam series module
  7. Dynamically the no. of quizzes and no. of questions will be updated to specific series after creating it

Learning Management System (LMS)

  1. With this you can create video classes series
  2. Distribute study materials for download
  3. LMS may be free or paid
  4. Total 7 types of contents are supported i.e.,
  • File
  • Video File
  • Audio File
  • Video URL
  • Audio URL
  • IFrame/Integrate Youtube videos
  • URL resource

Each content is associated to specific subject

Each series is associated to specific category so that user can easily find particular series based on his requirement

Series are having an option to set the start date and end date to visible for end user

Easy to add and edit content

Payments Module

  1. Online and Offline payments
  2. Admin can Approve or Reject the offline payment by viewing the details
  3. Enable or disable Offline payments from Settings module
  4. Support for PayU and Paypal payment gateways
  5. Enable or disable any payment gateway on requirement
  6. Detailed graphical reports for online and offline payments
  7. Generate excel report with all combinations available in payments module

Coupon codes

  1. Enable or disable from settings
  2. Option to enable coupon codes for specific categories
  3. Maximum limit of using single coupon code per user
  4. Minimum bill amount to use the coupon
  5. Start and end dates to use the coupon code
  6. Discount can be given in percentage or value

Instructions set

  1. Create Instructions set
  2. Assign instruction set to each quiz based on its type


Currently we are supporting 4 types of users

  1. Owner
  2. Admin
  3. Student
  4. Parent (can be enabled/disabled from admin panel)

Parents Module

  1. Can be enabled or disabled from Settings
  2. Parent can add his children
  3. Option to view the children detailed reports
  4. Option to buy exam on behalf of his child

Notifications Module

  1. Notifications can be created by admin and those will be displayed to user
  2. Notifications have the date range to display between specific dates
  3. Can give short and long descriptions to it
  4. Having an option to give external resource link

Feedbacks Module

  1. User can give feedback to the admin
  2. Admin can view the feedback

For Live Demo & Enquiry  :

WhatsApps : +916263056779

Email :

Script Come With :

  •  Free Installation support
  • Free technical support
  •  Future product updates
  •  Quality checked by PROJECTWORLDS
  •  Lowest price guarantee
  •  3 months support included
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Premium School Management System with Android APP

Admin Panel  modules listed below -

  1. Front Office - for all reception/front office related activities like enquiries, calls, visitors, postal receive/dispatch
  2. Student Information - for all the information related to student like student profile, student admission, student history
  3. Fees Collection - for all the details related to student fees collection, fees master creation, fees dues, fees reports
  4. Income - for all the income other than fees collection can be manage here like add income, search income, income head
  5. Expenses - for all the expenses related to school can be manage here like add expenses, search expenses, expense head
  6. Attendance / Optional Biometric- for managing student attendance and attendance report
  7. Examinations - for managing all the exams conducted by school like create exam, schedule exam, exam marks entry, marks grade
  8. Online Examinations - for managing online exams conducted by school
  9. Lesson Plan - for managing subject status and lesson plan
  10. Academics - for managing all the parameters / master data required to run school like classes, sections, subjects, assign teachers, class timetable, promote student to upper class
  11. Human Resource - for all the information related to staff members can be manage here like staff search, profile, attendance, payroll, leaves
  12. Communicate - it works like a notice board basically a messaging system for communication to students, parents and teachers
  13. Download Center - for managing downloadable documents like assignments, study material, syllabus and other documents need to distribute students and teachers
  14. Zoom Live Classes - Zoom live classes for students and live meetings for staff. Its addon extension and should be purchased separately
  15. Gmeet Live Classes - Gmeet live classes for students and live meetings for staff. Its addon extension and should be purchased separately
  16. Homework - teachers can give homework here and further evaluate them
  17. Library - all the books in your library can be manage here
  18. Inventory - manage all the assets of your school with stocks and store under inventory module
  19. Transport - for managing transportation service like routes and their fares
  20. Hostel - for managing hostels, hostel rooms and their fares
  21. Certificate - design and generate student certificate and ID Card here
  22. Front CMS - manage front public site of Smart School here by creating pages, menus, events, gallery, news
  23. Alumni - for managing all pass out students or alumni records and events
  24. Reports - all the various reports related to different modules can be found here
  25. System Settings - configure Smart School here for different settings like school, sessions, SMS, Payment, backup / restore, languages
  26. Calendar & ToDo List - track and manage all daily/monthly activities and create your task in todo list
  27. Chat - chat for two way messaging staff and students
  28. One Click Updater - to install new in system

Student Panel/ Parent Panel

  1. My Profile
  2. Fees
  3. Class Timetable
  4. Lesson Plan
  5. Syllabus Status
  6. Homework
  7. Online Exam
  8. Apply Leave
  9. Download Center
  10. Attendance
  11. Examination
  12. Notice Board
  13. Teacher's Review
  14. Library
  15. Transport Route
  16. Hostel Rooms

For Live Demo & Enquiry  :

WhatsApps : +916263056779

Email :

Script Come With :

  •  Free Installation support
  • Free technical support
  •  Future product updates
  •  Quality checked by PROJECTWORLDS
  •  Lowest price guarantee
  •  3 months support included