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ISP Management Solution PHP Script

The ISPManager is a complete Internet Service Providers (ISP) Management solution. The new version of this application comes with tons of new features including Stripe payment, email notification, user auto disconnect with package expires, home page, service zone, role base access, customer manager, billing and payment invoice download and many more

New in this version

  1. Stripe payment gateway
  2. Email notifications (billing and payment)
  3. User auto disconnects when package expires (must support cron)
  4. User auto disconnects if not paid within time (must support cron)
  5. Home page
  6. Customer manager
  7. Service zone
  8. Package duration
  9. Payment submission time limit
  10. Auto bill generation when adding/renewing user
  11. New Mikrotik options
  12. Custom reporting
  13. Role based access control
  14. Can be used without reseller
  15. Can be used without Mikrotik
  16. Billing and payment invoice download
  17. Package can be added as PPP or HotSpot profile
  18. Auto populate PPP service and profile
  19. New UI

Other features

  1. Package management
  2. User management
  3. Reseller management
  4. Staff management
  5. Mikrotik API
  6. Different price for user and reseller
  7. Resellers manage their own user
  8. Ticket based support
  9. Enable/ disable single user
  10. Change user package
  11. Income & expense management
  12. 20 pre-build Mikrotik command output
  13. Mikrotik log download
  14. All & active PPPoE users
  15. All & active HotSpot users
  16. Custom reports
  17. User profile
  18. User profile (by reseller)
  19. User profile (by service zone)
  20. User profile (by manager)
  21. User billing
  22. User payment
  23. Income report
  24. Expense report

Server requirements:

  1. PHP >= 7.4
  2. MySQL Version >= 4.1
  3. BCMath PHP Extension
  4. Ctype PHP Extension
  5. JSON PHP Extension
  6. Mbstring PHP Extension
  7. OpenSSL PHP Extension
  8. PDO PHP Extension
  9. Tokenizer PHP Extension
  10. XML PHP Extension

Mikrotik requirements

  1. RouterOS version 3+
  2. API services enable
  3. Firewalls allow port 8728 for API communication
  4. User credentials with api access