Android FTP Server Project Source Code

A simple, quick and light-weight FTP server


  • Set custom Username and Password for your server
  • Completely Ad free ?
  • Simple intuitive UI


  • JDK 8 or above
  • Android SDK v26
  • Latest Android Build Tools
  • Android Support Repository

How To Build Locally

  1. Download the samples by cloning this repository or downloading an archived snapshot. (See the options at the top of the page.)
  2. In Android Studio, create a new project and choose the “Import non-Android Studio project” or “Import Project” option.
  3. Select the Swallow-Server directory that you downloaded with this repository.
  4. If prompted for a gradle configuration, accept the default settings. Alternatively use the “gradlew build” command to build the project directly.

External Libraries Used

Apache FtpServer

Android DirectoryChooser by Pascal Hartig




Downlod Source Code


Downlod APK FIle



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