Android Location Alarm Project

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An Android application that wakes you up near the GPS location you provided. Sleep on the bus freely!

A project to familiarize gstavrinos with Kotlin and OpenStreetMap! 🙂




  • wake up by Chinnaking from the Noun Project
  • Star by y. onaldi from the Noun Project
  • search map by b farias from the Noun Project
  • setting by Vectorstall from the Noun Project
  • Download Map by Ben Davis from the Noun Project
  • Download by Kimmi Studio from the Noun Project
  • current location by Balam Palma from the Noun Project
  • Bus by Orkhan Mursalov from the Noun Project


  • Add ability to select target location [DONE]
  • Add ability to select radius of alarm [DONE]
  • Add visualization of minDist (radius) [DONE]
  • Add button to focus on user's location [DONE]
  • Add the actual alarm (sound playing) functionality [DONE]
  • Add ability to stop the alarm!! [DONE]
  • Make the polygon (circle/radius) unclickable [DONE]
  • Fix settings icon [DONE]
  • Add ability to save favourite target locations [DONE]
  • Make settings permanent [DONE]
  • Fix non-stop alarm sound!! [DONE]
  • Run on background with message on notifications bar ( [DONE]
  • Fix persistent target marker when reaching destination bug [DONE]
  • Notification bar message that app is still running [DONE]
  • Add ability to select alarm sound [DONE]
  • Set alarm sound intent on previously selected sound [DONE]
  • Add ability to search on the map [DONE]
  • Allow the app to use the alarm volume instead of the notifications one [DONE]
  • Add vibration on alarm [DONE]
  • Add ability to work with offline map [DONE]
  • Add routine for non permitted permissions! [DONE]
  • Prompt user to enable GPS on startup [DONE]
  • Change to bigger, clearer icons [DONE]
  • Change the appearance of the fragments [DONE]
  • Add Application launcher and notification icons [DONE]
  • Move the extra classes on different kotlin files, and fix the global variables! [DONE]
  • Add progress bar while searching the server for addresses and run on a new thread[DONE]
  • Prompt user for internet access when in online mode?? Maybe not... [MAYBE NOT WON]
  • Do something with the volume [IT'S THE USER'S PROBLEM]
  • Allow the app to chooce between alarm and notifications (for speakers vs headphones use) [GREW SICK OF IT]
  • Add night map & satelite map [REJECTED]



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