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Complete Money Exchange Solution Script

is a Money Exchange Solution –It has developed for those people who want to start their Business with Exchange Platform. Using this platform users can join by registering easily, and they can use the smart user dashboard for their transactions. Its Supported Multiple Currency and Multiple Languages, which makes this script more user-friendly. EX-RATE gives you the best performance for Fiat & Crypto Exchange Platform sites with user-responsive flexibility and optimized UX/UI.

It has strong SQL injection protection system which will keep away this system from hackers.

Item Features

✓ Full Responsive Design
✓ Currency Management
✓ Multi language Supported
✓ Realtime Notification
✓ Push Notification
✓ Email Notification
✓ Informative Dashboard
✓ Manage Logo & SEO Facilities
✓ Support Ticket
✓ Transaction Log
✓ All Dynamic Contents.
✓ Tawkto Live Chat Plugin
✓ Google captcha & Analytice
✓ Responsive Design for All Devices.
✓ Modern browser support.
✓ Cross-browser compatibility.
✓ Most Powerful Admin & User interface.
✓ Clean & Easy Code Structure
✓ 24X7 Support
✓ Easy Documentation
✓ TOS & Privacy Policy
✓ FAQ Management

User Features

✓ Refferal Bonus
✓ Withdraw/Payout History
✓ 2FA Security
✓ Support Ticket
✓ Profile & Password Update

Admin Features

✓ Most Informative Admin Dashboard.
✓ Realtime Notification For Admin.
✓ Currency Management
✓ All Transactions Record
✓ User Management
✓ All User/ Single User Email Notification
✓ Support Ticket
✓ Website Basic Controls
✓ Email Configuration
✓ Email Template Management
✓ SMS Configuration
✓ SMS Template Management
✓ Logo & SEO Management
✓ All Content Management
✓ Profile & Password Update

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Script Come With :

  •  Free Installation support
  • Free technical support
  •  Future product updates
  •  Quality checked by PROJECTWORLDS
  •  Lowest price guarantee
  •  3 months support included
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Repair booking,tracking and workshop management system

A repair box is a system for booking and managing repair services. Where can customers submit defective devices and the technician can take them to the workshop to repair and fix physical issues with the device. It is a very clean and simple interface, where every technician can go to the workshop to handle repair orders assigned to that particular technician. In the workshop, the technician can update the repair log with customer notification on each update while repairing.


  1. Repair orders manaagment
  2. Repair order handing from admin area by admin person (with full list of all orders)
  3. Repair order handing from workshop area by technician (only with a list of order assigned him/her)
  4. Repair orders collection
    1. From public area
    2. Booking from a customer with payment processing
    3. Booking from customers can be controlled
    4. Booking from customer widget can past at anywhere for repair booking
  5. From workshop area
    1. Booking by selecting the predefined brand, device, and defects from publically without payment processing
    2. Repair orders booking and invoicing from the workshop by technician (order will be assigned him/her automatically)
  6. From Admin area
    1. Booking by selecting the predefined brand, device, and defects, customer info without payment processing (admin can assign)
    2. Repair invoicing (admin can assign)
  7. Booking by selecting predefined brand, device, and defects
  8. Repair orders invoice manually (By entering all information manually, without selecting from exiting)
  9. Repair brands management
  10. Repair devices management
  11. Repair devices defects or services management
  12. Users management
  13. User roles management
  14. Quick replies management
  15. Repair statuses management
  16. Repair priorities management
  17. Custom pages management
  18. FAQ management
  19. Advance printable repair reporting system
  20. System settings
    1. General settings
    2. Outgoing mail configurations
    3. Log (save in system log)
    4. Support mailgun
    5. Support SMTP
    6. Support sendmail (PHP function)
  21. SMS gateways
    1. Nexmo gateway
    2. Twilio gateway
  22. Currency settings
  23. Payment gateways configurations
    1. COD (Cash on delivery)
    2. Stripe card payment
    3. Braintree card payment
    4. Square card payment
  24. Tax implementation
    1. Is fix or percentage
    2. Is tax included or excluded
    1. SEO (Search engine optimization)
    2. Appearance handling
    3. Authentication controls
    4. Google Captcha configuration
    5. Google Captcha configuration
    6. Localization
    7. Configure localization settings for the site
    8. Embedding code Repair booking and track widgets embedding to your existing site
  25. Database backup and restore
  26. Translation manager for locales
  27. Lightweight and fully optimized application.
  28. Form CSRF Protection
  29. Overall detailed dashboard
  30. Customizable frontend portfolio
  31. Embedding widgets
  32. SPA (Single page application)
  33. Notifications
    1. SMS notifications to every step
    2. Email notifications to every step
    3. Notification can be turned off/on globally
    4. Notification can be turned off/on for specific customer
    5. The customer will be notified on booking with a device dispatch card by email
    6. The technician will be notified when the admin assign him/her a repair to fix a physical issue
  34. Repair invoices can be tracked via Tracking ID
  35. Repair invoices can be tracked via scanning QR-Code
  36. Repair invoices can be print and download in PDF format
  37. All payment gateways can be set to bypass for repair booking (from general settings)
  38. CSV imports
    1. Brands list can be added via importing the file as CSV format
    2. Devices list under the brand can be added via importing the file as CSV format
    3. Defects list under the device can be added via importing the file as CSV format
    4. All imports will be processed with back end validation

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Script Come With :

  •  Free Installation support
  • Free technical support
  •  Future product updates
  •  Quality checked by PROJECTWORLDS
  •  Lowest price guarantee
  •  3 months support included
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Lead Management CRM Laravel Software

Lead management CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software is designed to help businesses effectively manage and nurture their leads throughout the sales cycle. It provides a centralized platform for capturing, tracking, and analyzing lead data, as well as automating various lead management processes. Here are some key features typically found in lead management CRM systems:

  1. Lead Capture: CRM systems allow you to capture leads from various sources such as website forms, social media, email campaigns, and landing pages. This feature ensures that all leads are captured and stored in a central database for further processing.
  2. Lead Tracking and Segmentation: CRM software enables you to track and monitor the activities and interactions of leads. You can segment leads based on specific criteria such as demographics, behavior, or interests, allowing you to tailor your marketing and sales efforts accordingly.
  3. Lead Scoring: Lead scoring helps prioritize and identify the most qualified leads. CRM systems assign scores to leads based on predefined criteria, such as engagement level, demographic information, and lead source. This feature helps sales teams focus on leads with the highest likelihood of conversion.
  4. Lead Distribution and Assignment: CRM software facilitates the distribution and assignment of leads among sales reps. It ensures that leads are distributed fairly, and assigns them to the most suitable salesperson based on predefined rules or criteria such as territory, product specialization, or workload.
  5. Communication and Follow-ups: CRM systems provide tools for managing communication with leads, including email templates, automated responses, and scheduling follow-up tasks. This feature helps maintain consistent and timely communication with leads, increasing the chances of conversion.
  6. Lead Nurturing: CRM software allows you to automate lead nurturing processes. You can set up automated workflows to send targeted emails, reminders, and personalized content based on lead behavior or specific triggers. This helps build relationships with leads and move them further down the sales funnel.
  7. Analytics and Reporting: CRM systems provide comprehensive analytics and reporting capabilities to track and measure lead generation and conversion performance. You can generate reports on key metrics like lead sources, conversion rates, sales pipeline, and revenue generated. This data helps you identify trends, evaluate the effectiveness of your lead management efforts, and make informed decisions.
  8. Integration and Customization: CRM software often integrates with other business tools such as email marketing platforms, customer support systems, and analytics tools. This integration allows for seamless data flow and enhances overall efficiency. Additionally, CRM systems usually offer customization options to tailor the software to your specific business needs.

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Script Come With :

  •  Free Installation support
  • Free technical support
  •  Future product updates
  •  Quality checked by PROJECTWORLDS
  •  Lowest price guarantee
  •  3 months support included
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Worker Management System With Laravel & ionic 6 – A Complete App

  1. Introduction: The Worker Management System is a comprehensive application that aims to streamline the management of workers within an organization. The system utilizes the Laravel PHP framework for the backend and the Ionic 6 framework for the frontend, providing a powerful and user-friendly interface for managing worker-related tasks. This project synopsis provides an overview of the features and functionality of the Worker Management System.
  2. Objectives:

  • Efficiently manage worker profiles, including personal details, contact information, and job-related information.
  • Track worker attendance and generate attendance reports.
  • Assign and schedule tasks to workers, ensuring effective task management.
  • Monitor worker performance and evaluate their productivity.
  • Facilitate communication between workers and supervisors.
  • Generate comprehensive reports on worker-related data for analysis and decision-making.
  1. Features:

3.1 Worker Management:

  • Worker Registration: Allow administrators to register new workers, capturing their personal details, contact information, and relevant documents.
  • Worker Profile: Provide a centralized database to store and manage worker information, including their work history, certifications, and skills.
  • Worker Search: Implement a search functionality to quickly find workers based on specific criteria, such as name, job title, or skills.

3.2 Attendance Management:

  • Attendance Recording: Enable workers to mark their attendance through the mobile application or a web interface.
  • Attendance Tracking: Automatically track and maintain attendance records for each worker, including timestamps and location information.
  • Attendance Reports: Generate detailed reports on worker attendance, including daily, weekly, and monthly summaries.

3.3 Task Management:

  • Task Assignment: Allow supervisors to assign tasks to workers, specifying the task details, priority, and deadline.
  • Task Scheduling: Enable supervisors to create schedules for workers, ensuring efficient allocation of tasks and resources.
  • Task Status Tracking: Monitor the status of assigned tasks, allowing workers to update progress and supervisors to track completion.

3.4 Performance Evaluation:

  • Performance Metrics: Define key performance indicators (KPIs) to evaluate worker productivity and performance.
  • Performance Tracking: Regularly assess worker performance based on predefined metrics and generate performance reports.
  • Performance Feedback: Provide a feedback mechanism for supervisors to communicate performance evaluations to workers.

3.5 Communication:

  • In-App Messaging: Implement a messaging system within the application, enabling workers and supervisors to communicate in real-time.
  • Notifications: Send notifications to workers regarding task assignments, updates, and reminders.

3.6 Reporting and Analytics:

  • Comprehensive Reports: Generate detailed reports on worker-related data, including attendance, task completion, and performance metrics.
  • Analytics Dashboard: Provide an interactive dashboard to visualize and analyze worker-related data, facilitating informed decision-making.
  1. Technology Stack:
  • Backend Framework: Laravel PHP framework (latest version)
  • Frontend Framework: Ionic 6 framework (Angular)
  • Database: MySQL or any other database management system supported by Laravel
  • Mobile Platform: Android and iOS (using Ionic Capacitor for native app development)
  1. Conclusion: The Worker Management System with Laravel & Ionic 6 is a comprehensive application that offers an efficient and user-friendly solution for managing workers within an organization. With its powerful features, including worker management, attendance tracking, task management, performance evaluation, communication tools, and reporting capabilities, the system aims to streamline worker-related processes and enhance overall productivity. By leveraging the Laravel and Ionic frameworks, the application provides a robust and scalable solution that can be customized to meet specific organizational requirements.
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Dots And Boxes – Online Multiplayer

A popular game that starts with an empty grid of dots whereby one or two players take turns adding a single horizontal or vertical edges between two unjoined adjacent dots.

Game Features

✔️ Play with your friend or with Computer
✔️ Realtime Multiplayer Game Support
✔️ Start your first move by selecting a space between two dots on the grid to create a line.
✔️ Game History will be shown
✔️ Player’s Profile
✔️ Player can view Score Card
✔️ You can On/Off Music
✔️ Enjoy and Share ❤️


Multi player Game will be played only in iOS to iOS device.

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Multi Player Tic Tac Toe Game using Firebase Realtime

Multiplayer Online Tic Tac Toe Game using Firebase Realtime Database.


  1. Attrective UI Design
  2. Three Mdoes in the game ( Local Mode, Multiplayer Mode, Computer Mode (AI)
  3. Code is fully documentationed
  4. Simple and easy to use
  5. Code easily understandable
  6. Fully technical support


1. A player Enters his name and starts the game.
2. Player needs to select game mode (local mode, multiplayer mode, computer mode).
3. If multiplayer mode is selected then the player needs to wait for the opponent to start the match
4. At the end, a dialog will show on which winner’s name will be written.

For Live Demo & Enquiry  :

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Script Come With :

  •  Free Installation support
  • Free technical support
  •  Future product updates
  •  Quality checked by PROJECTWORLDS
  •  Lowest price guarantee
  •  3 months support included
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Galactic War! Construct 2&3 HTML Multi-player Space Shooter Game

Galactic War has tons of unique features like Multi-player, in app purchases and daily rewards

Galactic War is a game which includes past and future at the same time, it has high quality graphics and sounds with old style. You have never played a space shooter, shoot’em up, bullet hell, arcade game which has unique features as Galactic War has.


– Admob ready
– In app purchases
– Google Play Games (Achievements and Leaderboards)
– Mobile and desktop support
– Easy to reskin
– Easy to change source
– High quality graphics.
– Lots of unique enemies and bullets.
– Multi-player mode
– Many levels of various difficulties.
– Purchase and upgrade multiple ships.
– Global leaderboards and achievements.
– Daily Rewards


– WASD or arrow keys to move the spaceship
– 1,2,3,4,5,6 number keys to use weapons
– Touch screen to move with your joystick and destroy all the enemies.
– Dodge incoming bullets!
– Collect coins to upgrade weapons and purchase new ships.


– .capx file (Construct 2)
– .c3p file (Construct 3)
– All required addons
– Documentation

For Live Demo & Enquiry  :

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Script Come With :

  •  Free Installation support
  • Free technical support
  •  Future product updates
  •  Quality checked by PROJECTWORLDS
  •  Lowest price guarantee
  •  3 months support included
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Phone Tracker – RealTime GPS Live Tracking

Track/Locate Your Friends/Vehicles/Buses/Employees/Close-Ones/family-members/lost Phones Realtime Live with map indicators in the app. You can also use this for Lost/stolen phones tracking.. You can track your children/ family-members/ close-persons/Employees/Vehicles /Buses /Friends Realtime live locations all the time if they ‘ON’ the “track this device” option in the app of their Phones…You just need their registered emails and pin numbers of the app for Realtime live tracking them…Users can locate each others Realtime live locations all the time. It is very secure and effective. ...if any user “OFF” his/her “track this device” option in the app of his/her Phone, Nobody can track that user with Registered email and pin number of that user

A background location service runs in the phone after a user’s login in the app. If that user “ON” the “Track this device” option in the app [ then the app is running or close or killed or the phone screen is on or off anything] , anyone who knows that user’s Registered email and pin , can track that user live all the time. If that user “OFF” the “track this device” option in the app, No one can track that user with Registered email and pin of that user.

In Which Field I can use this app?

-For business, The owners must have the Registered pin numbers and email ids of their workers and the workers must “ON” their “track this device” option in the app of their phones…Then The owners can locate their workers Realtime Live Location all the time using their email and pin..

-For family members, suppose the husband have the registered email and pin number of his wife’s Phone and the wife “ON” her “track this device” option in the app of her phone…So the Husband can track his wife’s realtime live location all the time using the Registered email and pin number of his wife.

- For Friends, suppose you have the registered emails and pin numbers of your friends and your friends “ON” their “Track this device” option in their app. So you can track your friends realtime live locations all the time using their registered emails and pin numbers that you have

-Suppose you “ON” the “track this device” option in the app in your device…One day if your phone lost accidentally, you can track your lost phone’s realtime live locations with any other phone using the lost phone’s registered email and pin number that you know already ….

  1. Workers Realtime Live Tracking
  2. Friends Realtime Live Tracking
  3. Family Members Realtime Live Tracking
  4. Lost/stolen Phones Realtime live Tracking
  5. Another Phones Realtime Live Tracking
  6. Bus/vehicles Realtime Live Tracking
  7. Employees Realtime Live Tracking
  8. Many More categorires for Realtime Live tracking


Every person can track his all family members/Friends/ workers/employees /vehicles/ lost phones Realtime live locations all the time with this app , at the same time. Users can track each others realtime live locations all the time using this app.


  1. Android Studio
  2. Android Phone(Android 8 or Later)
  3. Firebase Console Account Click Here
  4. Google Maps Apis (Maps SDK for Android) It is free Click here to signin in Google Cloud Platform
  5. Little bit Basic Knowledge of android programming if you want to change something



See our documentation and Reskin pdf inside the zip file…Everything is given there..Just Follow those instructions..

Top Features

  1. Private Network with firebase…
  2. Locate Your Lost/stolen Phones Live Location
  3. Track Close ones Live Location all the time
  4. Change Pin Any Time
  5. Location Sharing
  6. Navigation with google map
  7. Background Location Sharing
  8. Get Your Location Details
  9. Secure- Full Secured.
  10. Employees Live Tracking
  11. Family Members Live Tracking
  12. Lost/stolen Phone live Tracking
  13. Another Phones Live Tracking
  14. Bus/vehicles Live Tracking
  15. Multiple Tracking Feature
  16. Many More

For Live Demo & Enquiry  :

WhatsApps : +916263056779

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Script Come With :

  •  Free Installation support
  • Free technical support
  •  Future product updates
  •  Quality checked by PROJECTWORLDS
  •  Lowest price guarantee
  •  3 months support included