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Lawyer Office Management System PHP Project

This application you can manage any Lawyer Office Management, this application can manage your Lawyer, contract, case and all details, its 100% complete Management system


  1. Contact
  2. Opposite Lawyer
  3. Lobbing List
  4. Put Up Date
  5. appointment
  6. Contact
  7. Contact Category
  8. Client
  9. Client Category
  10. Casuse
  11. Casuse List
  12. Add new Case
  13. Case Category
  14. Judgment Case
  15. Closed Case
  16. Video Resume Play
  17. Court
  18. Court Category
  19. Task
  20. To-Do List
  21. Human Resource
  22. Staff
  23. Role
  24. Attendance
  25. Even
  26. Payroll
  27. Leave
  28. Leave Type
  29. Leave Define
  30. Apply for Leave
  31. Leave carry Forward
  32. Leave Request
  33. Pending Leave
  34. Holiday Setup
  35. Language Setup
  36. Auto Update
  37. SMTP/PHP Mail
  38. Login Image Change option
  39. Email Template
  40. Date Format
  41. Currency
  42. Time Zone
  43. RTL

Security Features

  1. JWT Authentication
  2. Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) Protection
  3. SQL Injection Protection
  4. CSRF Protection
  5. Secure Encrypt Password Hashing
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Insurance Management System PHP Script

Full source code included (.sql, .php, .html,.js,.css,images files, etc) As you are running a insurance egency or insurance agent, then this is best for you to manage customer's insurance, save policy details, manage managers and work reports. we made a perfect solution for insurance management system with outstanding features.
We provide it for the lowest cost so yours can launch your products without spending much.


  • Manage customer's Policy
  • Perfect detail view with all files including Policy
  • Manage Managers and see the work done by him
  • User profile with manage settings
  • Dark Mode features in UI


  • Hosting Server
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Token Management System PHP Script

Token Management System is a most powerful and easiest queue token system. It will help to manage customer/client waiting list and allocation processes in an organized way. It consist of Ticket is responsible for issuing the ticket, it can connect on a printer for printing, Service can have its ticket series/serial numbering with the department, counter and officer name.

There are three types of user account (Admin, Officer, and Staff). Ticket series/serial (A001, A002, A003…) respectively assigned on each service.


  1.   English
  2.   Türkçe
  3.   Español
  4.   Português
  5.   Français
  6.   العَرَبِيَّة
  7.   বাংলা
  8. తెలుగు
  9. ภาษาไทย

Ideal For

  1.   Office
  2.   Restaurant
  3.   Hospital/Doctor chamber
  4.   Customer care
  5.   Service center
  6.   Others small business


  1.   Login
  2.   User management
  3.   Department
  4.   Counter
  5.   Token management
  6.   Token with SMS
  7.   Messaging system
  8.   Multi-language
  9.   Temporary language
  10.   Multiple display
  11.   Dashboard with token status
  12.   Department and counter based display
  13.   Date to date report
  14.   User performance report
  15.   Display setting
  16.   Application setting
  17.   User profile
  18.   3 different types user panel (Admin, Officer, Staff)
  19.   Multiple types data export (PDF, CSV, EXCEL, PRINT)
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Library Management System PHP Script

LMS is a powerful library management system where you can easily manage your library. It has a 25+ feature module and a 6+ report module. It’s a web-based application where you can easily add, edit, update books also you can be issued books easily. you can easily manage to be fined and payment system. At last, Using the all-powerful report module you can get all the information in your library. If you are looking for the best library management tool I hope  LMS is best.

Feature Module

  1. Dashboard (Income/Expense) Management
  2. Book Issue (Fine/Renew/Payment/Return) Management
  3. Member Management
  4. Ebook Management
  5. Book Management
  6. Book Barcode Management
  7. Rack Management
  8. Book Category Management
  9. Request Book Management
  10. Store Book Management
  11. Store Book Category Management
  12. Order Management
  13. Email/Notification Management
  14. Income Management
  15. Expense Management
  16. Rlie Management
  17. Email Template Management
  18. Permission Management
  19. Permissionlog Management
  20. Setting Management
  21. Email Setting Management
  22. Library Configure Management

Report Module

  1. Book Report
  2. Book Issue Report
  3. Member Report
  4. ID Card Report
  5. Transaction Report
  6. Book Barcode Report

System Required

  1. PHP Version 5.6 to 7.3
  2. MYSQL 5+
  3. PHP MYSQLI Extension
  4. PHP PDO Extention
  5. PHP CURL Extention
  6. PHP ZIP Extention
  7. PHP MYSQLI Extention
  8. PHP MBSTRING Extention
  9. *PHP GD Extention


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Repairs Shop Management PHP Script

RepairerShop is the advance version of Repairer. More Advanced, powerful, flexible complete management software for repair shops with timeclock, commisions, payroll and complete inventory management. It has powerful reporting features. You and your clients can keep track of repair status and invoices.

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ISP Management Solution PHP Script

The ISPManager is a complete Internet Service Providers (ISP) Management solution. The new version of this application comes with tons of new features including Stripe payment, email notification, user auto disconnect with package expires, home page, service zone, role base access, customer manager, billing and payment invoice download and many more

New in this version

  1. Stripe payment gateway
  2. Email notifications (billing and payment)
  3. User auto disconnects when package expires (must support cron)
  4. User auto disconnects if not paid within time (must support cron)
  5. Home page
  6. Customer manager
  7. Service zone
  8. Package duration
  9. Payment submission time limit
  10. Auto bill generation when adding/renewing user
  11. New Mikrotik options
  12. Custom reporting
  13. Role based access control
  14. Can be used without reseller
  15. Can be used without Mikrotik
  16. Billing and payment invoice download
  17. Package can be added as PPP or HotSpot profile
  18. Auto populate PPP service and profile
  19. New UI

Other features

  1. Package management
  2. User management
  3. Reseller management
  4. Staff management
  5. Mikrotik API
  6. Different price for user and reseller
  7. Resellers manage their own user
  8. Ticket based support
  9. Enable/ disable single user
  10. Change user package
  11. Income & expense management
  12. 20 pre-build Mikrotik command output
  13. Mikrotik log download
  14. All & active PPPoE users
  15. All & active HotSpot users
  16. Custom reports
  17. User profile
  18. User profile (by reseller)
  19. User profile (by service zone)
  20. User profile (by manager)
  21. User billing
  22. User payment
  23. Income report
  24. Expense report

Server requirements:

  1. PHP >= 7.4
  2. MySQL Version >= 4.1
  3. BCMath PHP Extension
  4. Ctype PHP Extension
  5. JSON PHP Extension
  6. Mbstring PHP Extension
  7. OpenSSL PHP Extension
  8. PDO PHP Extension
  9. Tokenizer PHP Extension
  10. XML PHP Extension

Mikrotik requirements

  1. RouterOS version 3+
  2. API services enable
  3. Firewalls allow port 8728 for API communication
  4. User credentials with api access