User Management System Project in PHP

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PHP User Management System is a powerful PHP script that offers a secure user management system. The application is a great way to build your website, allowing your users to register an account and build restricted access to certain users. We offer great support and it’s very easy to install. It’s powered by MYSQL and PHP.

User Features

  1. Login
  2. Signup
  3. Change Password
  4. Edit Profile
  5. Feedback
  6. View Messages
  7. Notification

Admin Features

  1. Dashboard (Total Users, Deleted Users, Notification, Feedback Messages)
  2. Signup
  3. Change Password
  4. Edit Admin Profile
  5. Edit Users Profile
  6. Reply Feedback
  7. Delete Users
  8. Confirmed Users
  9. View Feedback
  10. Notification
  11. View Delelted Users
  12. Search Users, Feedback Messages
  13. Download User Excel File
  14. Sorting

How to Install

  1. Edit Database (includes/config.php) and (admin/includes/config.php)
  2. Login to Admin
  3. Url:
  4. Username : admin
  5. Password : admin

Database Files are included in Project. (ums_db.sql)

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