Airline Reservation System Java Project

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Airline Reservation System Java Project

Airline Reservation System” main aim is to provide the online ticket & seat reservation of National and International Flights and also give us the information about flight departures.

In this JAVA Major project mainly we are going to concentrate on ticket booking function, this function will take the user inputs like their requirements (flight name, flight source & destination, Number of seats, Seat numbers), after entering all of his/her requirements in this application, it can check at backend & provide us the total information about flights. When we open the first page of this project we can find the basic information (basic fair & discounts) about today flight timings.

This Java project mainly contains 2 important modules like

  • Domestic Flights
  • International Flight

In national flights module the admin allows users to create their username and they can search their requirements of national flights, if any flight is available they can book the national flight tickets In International flights module the admin allows users to create their username and they can search their requirements of international flights, if any flight is available they can book the International flight tickets..

In this proposed system the administrator login and select the type of the flight like International or National then they enters the reservation details like source station to destination station. If the seats are available for that particular flight then this application gives the conformation to the user about the reservation ticket with printout.


In order to eliminate the errors of the previous system, a superb application has been developed due to which the user need not to waste his valuable time in booking, the ticket and instead of server is built that takes care of every action thereby reducing the size &  effort of all users.


                  The purpose of the present Airline Reservation system is to allow customer to interact that gives some basic information such as all  flights information, availability of accommodation in flights, ticket booking, class type like luxury/ super luxury/ special/ AC/ non AC. 


In the existing system if any person wants to travel somewhere by flight he should take some basic steps to get ticket like he should go to airport to book the flight ticket, he should speak with Airline help center regarding the availability of flights. It is time consuming process.

Hardware and Software Requirements 

Hardware Requirements: 

Processor: Intel Pentium based system

Processor speed:  250 MHz to 833MHz


Software Requirements: 


Technologies: CORE JAVA


Operating System: Windows XP/7/8/10