Movie Rental Shop Management System Project in Python

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Movie Rental Shop Management System project is written in Python. The project file contains python scripts (,,, etc). This is a simple console based system which is very easy to use and understand. Talking about the system, it contains basic functions which include a list of all rentals, rent DVD, filter DVD and return the DVD. In this mini project, there is no such login system. This means he/she can use all those available features easily without any restriction. Each menu item holds a command and the user has to enter the command to use it.

After entering commands for each item, he/she can view all the rentals. While renting a DVD, the user has to enter DVD id and client’s name as a command code. DVD ids can be retrieved from dvd.txt. And the user can also return DVDs by entering DVD id as a command code. In this Simple Movie Rental Shop Management System, the user can also filter DVD which displays existing DVD with a respective ID number. This simple console based Student Management system provides the simplest rental management of DVD store. There is no database connection but different external text files are used in this mini project to save user’s data permanently and retrieve it.

In order to run the project, you must have installed Python, on your PC. This is a simple Console Based system, specially written for the beginners. Movie Rental Shop Management System in Python project with source code is free to download. Use for education purpose only! For the project demo, have a look at the YouTube Video Above.

How To Run :

  • first you need install python.
  • download project.
  • extract project.
  • double click in
  • Project is run
  • Thanks ....

Download Here