Python Blood Bank Management System

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Blood bank web app made with python ,flask, Sqlite, Bootstrap.



Blood bank website made with python3 ,flaskSqliteBootstrap.


Some of the functionality which can be benefited by being a User is listed below

  1. User Registration and Login, Logout.
  2. Update your Profile , Delete your account.
  3. Request/contact for Blood.
  4. Notification's for Requests.
  5. Search for Blood.

NOTE : admin's credentials

  1. Email :
  2. Password : admin

Functionality for Admin is listed below

  1. Dashboard
  2. Add blood in the Blood Bank
  3. Edit blood donatations and their details
  4. Contact registered users
  5. Delete users/entries


  1. download project and extract
  2. Install the dependencies
 pip install --user -r requirements.txt
  1. Start the server
  1. Hurray!!.. Donote Blood.

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