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Iris Flower Classification with Decision Trees Web App


To build a web application that can accurately classify Iris flower species based on their sepal and petal characteristics using a Decision Tree machine learning algorithm.

Dataset: The Iris flower dataset, which contains 150 samples of Iris flowers, each with measurements for sepal length, sepal width, petal length, and petal width. The dataset is labeled with the species of each flower: Iris setosa, Iris versicolor, and Iris virginica.


  1. Data Preprocessing: Load the dataset and split it into training and testing sets. Perform feature scaling to normalize the data.
  2. Decision Tree Model Building: Train a decision tree model on the training data using scikit-learn library. Tune the hyperparameters of the model to obtain the best performance.
  3. Web App Development: Use Flask web framework to create a web app that allows users to input the sepal and petal measurements of an Iris flower and displays the predicted species using the trained decision tree model.
  4. Model Interpretation: Interpret the decision tree to gain insights into which features are most important in classifying the Iris flower species.

Tools and Technologies:

  1. Python
  2. scikit-learn
  3. Flask
  4. HTML
  5. CSS
  6. pandas
  7. numpy
  8. matplotlib.


Decision Trees are a simple yet powerful machine learning algorithm for classification tasks. In this project, we have built a decision tree model to classify Iris flower species with high accuracy and developed a web application that allows users to interactively predict the species of an Iris flower based on its sepal and petal measurements. The web app can be used for real-world applications such as plant identification, environmental monitoring, and plant breeding.


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Simple Web-Based Chat Application using php, mysql, javascript, ajax

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100 + PHP Projects with Source Code 

The chat application we will be building today will be quite simple. It not required login, AJAX-style features, and will also offer support for multiple users.


  • I like to use Wamp server, so I suggest installing Wamp server . Once that is installed, execute the following instructions.
  • Run wamp server ❗.
  • Make sure you have placed this entire application inside 📂 c://wamp/www/chat_application.
  • Left click on the wamp icon in system tray It will display list of options Select “start all services”.
  • Then open your preffered browser and type localhost in address bar Hit enter ❗ It will show the default page of wamp server.

Now include this index.php (my php file name) at the end of the url.

Setting Up The Database (.SQL File is present in dbase Folder)

Method 1 ✏️ Using Mysql Console !

I like to use mysql, so I suggest installing mysql. Once that is installed, execute the following commands don't worry it is inbuilt in Wamp server !.

  • If you are using wamp you can try this. Just type use your_Database_name first.
  • Click your wamp server icon then look for MYSQL > MSQL Console then run it.
  • If you dont have password, just hit enter and type :
  • mysql> use database_name;
  • mysql> source location_of_your_file;
  • If you have password, you will promt to enter a password. Enter you password first then type:
  • mysql> use database_name;
  • mysql> source location_of_your_file;

Method 2 ✏️

  • Left click on the wamp icon in system tray and run PHPMyAdmin (Access your database via PHPMyAdmin).
  • Go to the Import files tab
  • Click Browse, locate the SQL file on your computer (it is present in sql database folder), click Open, and then click Go.

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