Artificial Intelligence Project Chess Game Python Flask with Source Code

This is a simple chess engine/interface created using flask.  It uses chessboard.js and chess.js for the logic of the frontend chessboard, and python chess for the
logic of the backend chessboard. All calculation is done on the backend using python. In order to run this application on your own machine, please install flask and python chess.


  1. Play against Artificial Intelligence bot with multi level .
  2. See game moves in a pretty formatted table. (Standard Algebraic Notation).
  3. Reset the game whenever you want.
  4. Undo and redo your moves.

Installation Step : 

  1. You have to install the required packages, you can do it:
  2. Install flask by running:
        pip install flask
    Install python chess by running:
        pip install python-chess[uci,gaviota]
  3. Run command - python

Download Source Code

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