Flutter Scientific Calculator App Project | Android Studio

A flutter Scientific Calculator is useful for situations where we need to calculate some complex things like logs or trigonometry. In such cases, the normal calculator won’t be useful for us. So therefore, we are here to develop a Scientific Calculator.

The scientific calculator is a type of an electronic calculator in which different complex calculating methods are involved. These methods contain mathematical, scientific and some methods related to engineering. Other than that, the scientific calculators have some features similar to ordinary calculator in which many kinds of basic calculations can be performed like addition, subtraction, multiplication, division etc. The functions which are involved in scientific calculator are scientific notations, floating point values, trigonometric functions, logarithmic function, fraction, factorial etc. The scientific calculator is used in various fields for example in astronomy, geology, physics, chemistry, somehow in biology as well. This calculator is mostly used by the students studying in school, college and university and also engineers of different sectors.

Flutter Scientific calculator application is an Android project built in Android Studio and or you can also use vs code. As you know by the name of the project it functions fully as similar to a normal calculator. Here you can perform all of your calculation with ease. This whole project is designed using Android Studio. Dart programming language is used for field validations. This project also can be implemented in different gadgets like the mobile phones and the watch gears also platform independent .

Requirements to develop project

To develop this application there are certain things that you need to know beforehand. So let us see its requirements and the platform that we’ll use for this project. Let us begin with the tool that we’ll use for our Flutter Scientific Calculator. The latest Version of Android Studio Or VS Code and also Dart and Flutter plugins Shoul  be install will be chosen as the Application Development Platform for it. So, you must be fond of Android Studio VS Code and also Dart and Flutter  and have good hands on it.

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