Flight Reservation Spring Boot Mysql Project with Source Code

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Flight Reservation System is a Java Spring Boot, MySQL and Angular Project which runs on the tomcat server, you can also run this project in
Netbean and Spring Tool Suites (STS). We have developed this Java Spring Boot and Angular Project on Flight Reservation System for automating the process of Flight Reservation System. The main features of this project is to manage Ticket Booking, Passengar, Airline Enquiry, Booking
Enquiry, Airlines Booking and Passengar Reservation

Technology Overview: -

  • Sprint tool suites or Netbeans 12
  • JDK 1.8 : To run this project you have JDK 1.8 version
  • Tomcat 8 : This project runs over the tomcat 8 server
  • MySQL : You need mysql database for running this project
  • MySQL JConnector : For making the connection from mysql and java, we need it
  • Node Version 14 : For configuring angular project
  • Angular CLI : For running the angular project

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