QRPay – Money Transfer with QR Code Full Solution

QRPay offers a comprehensive solution for seamless money transfers using QR codes, catering to Android and iOS platforms, along with a user-friendly website and efficient admin panels. The system comprises three distinct interfaces: User Panel, Merchant Panel, and Super Admin Panel. Key features encompass effortless money transfers through QR codes, swift payment processing, mobile top-up services, bill payment functionalities, streamlined remittance solutions, virtual card options, a secure payment checkout page, versatile payment gateway integration, and an accessible Developer API. Our commitment is in delivering exceptional software solutions at a budget-friendly cost, empowering you to capitalize on opportunities and excel in this dynamic industry. Embrace the opportunity to elevate ordinary operations into extraordinary accomplishments with QRPay.

User Features :

  1. Dynamic Landing Page.
  2. User Authentication.
  3. Email Verification.
  4. QRCode Money Transfer.
  5. convenient than ever before.
  6. Make Payment.
  7. Advanced Security System.
  8. Automatic and Manual Payment Gateway.
  9. Fast and Secure Transactions.
  10. Mobile Top Up (Manual).
  11. Bill Pay (Manual).
  12. Mobile Wallet.
  13. Virtual Card.
  14. Remittance Solution.
  15. Paypal Payment Gateway.
  16. Stripe Payment Gateway.
  17. Flutterwave Payment Gateway.
  18. Push Notification (for web only).
  19. User Profile.
  20. User Delete Option.
  21. About Us.
  22. Privacy Policy.
  23. Download App Section.

Merchant Features :

  1. Payment Gateway Solutions.
  2. Payment Checkout Page.
  3. Developer API.
  4. QR Code Support.
  5. Secure Money Transaction.
  6. Email Verification.
  7. Receive Money.
  8. Withdraw Money.
  9. Advanced Security System.
  10. Automatic and Manual Payment Gateway.
  11. Fast and Secure Transactions.
  12. 2FA Security.

Super Admin Panel Features :

  1. Analytics Dashboard.
  2. Setup Currency.
  3. Fees and Charges.
  4. Virtual Card API.
  5. Transaction Logs.
  6. User Care.
  7. Admin Care.
  8. Remittance Management.
  9. Basic Settings.
  10. Image Assets.
  11. Setup SEO.
  12. Dynamic Splash and Onboard Screen.
  13. Setup App URLs.
  14. Subscribers.
  15. SMTP Email.
  16. Setup Web Content.
  17. Live Chat using Twak.to.
  18. Setup Payment Gateway.
  19. GDPR Cookie.
  20. Server Info.
  21. Clear-Cache.

For Live Demo & Enquiry  :

Call/WhatsApp : +916263056779

Email : official@projectworlds.in

Script Come With :

  • Free Installation support
  • Free technical support
  • Future product updates
  • Quality checked by PROJECTWORLDS
  • Lowest price guarantee
  • 3 months support included