Repair booking,tracking and workshop management system

A repair box is a system for booking and managing repair services. Where can customers submit defective devices and the technician can take them to the workshop to repair and fix physical issues with the device. It is a very clean and simple interface, where every technician can go to the workshop to handle repair orders assigned to that particular technician. In the workshop, the technician can update the repair log with customer notification on each update while repairing.


  1. Repair orders manaagment
  2. Repair order handing from admin area by admin person (with full list of all orders)
  3. Repair order handing from workshop area by technician (only with a list of order assigned him/her)
  4. Repair orders collection
    1. From public area
    2. Booking from a customer with payment processing
    3. Booking from customers can be controlled
    4. Booking from customer widget can past at anywhere for repair booking
  5. From workshop area
    1. Booking by selecting the predefined brand, device, and defects from publically without payment processing
    2. Repair orders booking and invoicing from the workshop by technician (order will be assigned him/her automatically)
  6. From Admin area
    1. Booking by selecting the predefined brand, device, and defects, customer info without payment processing (admin can assign)
    2. Repair invoicing (admin can assign)
  7. Booking by selecting predefined brand, device, and defects
  8. Repair orders invoice manually (By entering all information manually, without selecting from exiting)
  9. Repair brands management
  10. Repair devices management
  11. Repair devices defects or services management
  12. Users management
  13. User roles management
  14. Quick replies management
  15. Repair statuses management
  16. Repair priorities management
  17. Custom pages management
  18. FAQ management
  19. Advance printable repair reporting system
  20. System settings
    1. General settings
    2. Outgoing mail configurations
    3. Log (save in system log)
    4. Support mailgun
    5. Support SMTP
    6. Support sendmail (PHP function)
  21. SMS gateways
    1. Nexmo gateway
    2. Twilio gateway
  22. Currency settings
  23. Payment gateways configurations
    1. COD (Cash on delivery)
    2. Stripe card payment
    3. Braintree card payment
    4. Square card payment
  24. Tax implementation
    1. Is fix or percentage
    2. Is tax included or excluded
    1. SEO (Search engine optimization)
    2. Appearance handling
    3. Authentication controls
    4. Google Captcha configuration
    5. Google Captcha configuration
    6. Localization
    7. Configure localization settings for the site
    8. Embedding code Repair booking and track widgets embedding to your existing site
  25. Database backup and restore
  26. Translation manager for locales
  27. Lightweight and fully optimized application.
  28. Form CSRF Protection
  29. Overall detailed dashboard
  30. Customizable frontend portfolio
  31. Embedding widgets
  32. SPA (Single page application)
  33. Notifications
    1. SMS notifications to every step
    2. Email notifications to every step
    3. Notification can be turned off/on globally
    4. Notification can be turned off/on for specific customer
    5. The customer will be notified on booking with a device dispatch card by email
    6. The technician will be notified when the admin assign him/her a repair to fix a physical issue
  34. Repair invoices can be tracked via Tracking ID
  35. Repair invoices can be tracked via scanning QR-Code
  36. Repair invoices can be print and download in PDF format
  37. All payment gateways can be set to bypass for repair booking (from general settings)
  38. CSV imports
    1. Brands list can be added via importing the file as CSV format
    2. Devices list under the brand can be added via importing the file as CSV format
    3. Defects list under the device can be added via importing the file as CSV format
    4. All imports will be processed with back end validation

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