Django Project on Medical Shop Management System

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Medical Store Database Management System using Django

The main objective of the Django Project on Medical Shop Management System is to manage the details of Sells, Medicines, Stocks, Company,Inventory. It manages all the information about Sells, Medical Shop, Inventory, Sells. The project is totally built at administrative end and thus only the administrator is guaranteed the access. The purpose of the project is to build an application program to reduce the manual work for managing the Sells, Medicines, Medical Shop, Stocks. It tracks all the details about the Stocks, Company, Inventory.

Functionalities Provided By Django Project On Medical Shop Management System Are As Follows:

Dealer Management.

  • Add Dealer.
  • View Dealers.

Medicine  Management.

  • Add Medicine.
  • View Medicine.

Employees Management.

  • Add Employees.
  • View Employees.

Customers Management.

  • Add Customers.
  • View Customers

Purchase  Management.

  • New Purchase .
  • View All Purchase

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Installation Steps Django Project On Medical Shop Management System

Setting up the project:

Download the project zip file. Extract it.

Install Python3 in your system. Download the latest version.

Install django in your system using the following command:

pip install Django==1.11.6

Current version is Django 2.0.9 but this project uses the older version.

You can make use of any text editor such as Sublime, Atom, Pycharm, Webstorm etc. The link for Pycharm is mentioned below: Download the community(free) version.

Open Pycharm, open the extracted project folder in Pycharm. Go to Pycharm terminal and enter the following command:

python runserver

URL routing is handled in the file: pharma/

All the functionalities such as Create, update, delete, retrieve are present in the file: pharma/

The database by default used with Django is SQLite3:

The database models are created in the file: pharma/

Iff any changes are made in the file such as adding, deleting fields or new tables, run the following two commands:

python makemigrations pharma python migrate

All the SQL queries are generated by Django implicitly. You can view the SQL commands using the following command:

python sqlmigrate pharma migration_name

"migration_name" is the file name generated during each Model file update, choose any filename from the folder and enter in the command to see the SQL commands of that update.