Online Book Store Project in Python Django

This Online Book Store  Project in Django created based on python, Django, and SQLITE3 Database. The Online Book Store System is a simple project similar like shopping cart or ecommerce  but is only for book shopping. Categories wise books available its very good project for Final Year student academic Purpose. This project built with django framework and it's allows users to search and purchase book online based on category, author and subject.

This Online Book Store  Project in Django  Framework, Also includes a Download Source Code for free, just find the downloadable source code below and click download now.

Admin Features of Online Book Store  Project in Django

  1. Dashboard – For the admin dashboard, you will be able to all the basic access in the whole system. Such as summary of products, orders, and the categories.
  2. Manage Books– The admin has access to the books management information system. He can add, update and delete the books.
  3. Manage Categories – The page where the admin can add, edit and delete categories information.
  4. Manage Orders – As the main functions of the admin, the admin can accept or reject the order from the customers on a case to case basis and the list of customer orders are listed.
  5. Manage User– The admin can manage the user’s account. Admin can add, update and Block user in the system.
  6. Login and Logout – By default one of the security features of this system is the secure login and logout system.

Customer Features of Online Book Store  Project in Django

  1. Login Page – Customer enter their website credentials on this page to gain access in order to log in.
  2. Register Page– The page where new customer created their login credentials for the website.
  3. Home Page– When customer visit the website, this is the system’s default page. This page shows the books for sale in the store, or by entering a keyword in the search box above the books.
  4. Book View Page – The page on which the product’s specific information is shown, as well as the page on which the customer adds the product to his or her cart.
  5. Cart List Page– The page that lists the items that customer have chosen. This is the page where the customer can complete the order checkout process.
  6. My Order Page – The page that lists the customer’s orders.
  7. bcash and Credit Card Payments – This Online Book Store  Project in Django in Django has a payment method that uses Paypal and Credit Card Payments.

Installation Steps : Online Book Store  Project in Django

  1. Download and extract File
  2. goto Project directory and open cmd
  3. install Requirement package - python -m pip install –-user -r requirements.txt
  4. run project - python runserver 

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