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Online Job Portal Script with Android & IOS APP

Features :

  1. Job Seeker
  2. Manage Resume
  3. Job Provider
  4. Administrator
  5. Job Search

Job Seeker

This module contains details about Job Seeker, i.e. employee or un-employee details. Like employee name, email, experience. Here employee can do update, modify and delete. He can update experience and skills, portfolio andeducation details also.

Job Provider / Company

This module having information about job provider and requirement details, which client recruiting the employees, and what based them recruiting the employees? Here client releasing the primary skills, experience, no. of vacancies, opening date and closing date.


The administrator module having all privileges about this entire project, he can update, delete, and modify the details about job seeker, job provider, CMS, Job attributes, Admin users etc. Administrator maintain the client and job seeker database, where ever client is releasing their requirements( vacancies) with particular primary skills and experience, on that time administrator search for job seekers, who are having that primary skills and experience.

Job Search

This module having all current vacant jobs, experience and which client offering that vacancy.



After registration job seeker can perform following actions:

  1. Free Registration
  2. Created Profile
  3. Edit profile
  4. Create Online Resume
    1. Add Projects
    2. Add Experience
    3. Add Education
    4. Add Skills
    5. Add Languages
  5. Upload Multiple Resume
  6. Apply on Jobs
  7. Search Jobs
  8. Job Alerts
  9. Manage Applied Jobs
  10. Mark Job as Favourite
  11. View Favourite Jobs
  12. Filter Jobs
  13. View Companies to Following list
  14. View Followings
  15. Send Message to Candidates
  16. View Messages


Job provider’s (Companies) can perform following action:

  1. Free Registration
  2. Created Profile
  3. Edit profile
  4. Employer Packages
  5. Post Jobs
  6. Manage Posted Jobs
  7. Edit or Delete Jobs
  8. Manage Applied Candidates
  9. Shortlist Candidates
  10. Manage Shortlised candidates
  11. Search Resume
  12. Filter Resume
  13. View Candidates Profile
  14. Download Resumes
  15. View Followers
  16. Send Message to Candidates
  17. View Messages from Candidates


Administrator can manage whole website:

  1. Admin users
  2. Manage Jobs
  3. Manage Companies
  4. Manage Seekers
  5. Manage Content Pages
  6. Manage SEO
  7. Manage FAQ
  8. Manage Blog
  9. Manage Testimonials
  10. Manage Site Languages
  11. Manage locations
    1. Countries
    2. Countries Detail
    3. States
    4. Cities
  12. Manage Employer Packages
  13. Manage Seeker Packages
  14. Manage Site Settings
  15. Manage Job Attributes
    1. Language Levels
    2. Career Levels
    3. Functional Areas
    4. Genders
    5. Industries
    6. Job Experiences
    7. Job Skills
    8. Job Titles
    9. Job Types
    10. Job Shifts
    11. Degree Levels
    12. Degree Types
    13. Major Subjects
    14. Result Types
    15. Marital Statuses
    16. Ownership Types
    17. Salary Periods

For Live Demo & Enquiry  :

WhatsApps : +916263056779

Email :

Script Come With :

  •  Free Installation support
  • Free technical support
  •  Future product updates
  •  Quality checked by PROJECTWORLDS
  •  Lowest price guarantee
  •  3 months support included
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Online Job portal Project in Python Django with source code

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Latest Python Projects with source code

Online Job portal Project in Python Django with source code. This web application is to be conceived in its current form as a dynamic site-requiring constant updates both from the seekers as well as the companies.
The objective of the project is to enable jobseekers to place their resumes and find appropriate jobs while companies to publish their vacancies and find good candidates.
It enables jobseekers to post their resume, look for jobs, view personal job listings. It will provide various companies to put their vacancy profile on the location and even have an choice to search candidate resumes.
Apart from job-seekers and Companies(Job Provider) there'll be an admin module to manage complete Portal also as jobseeker and corporations .

Online Jop Portal Features

  • Administrator
  • Job Seeker
  • Job Provider
  • Job Search

System Users

  • Administrator
  • Job Seeker
  • Job Provider


Administrator can manage whole website:

  • Manage complete jobseeker section. Like: activate/deactivate/delete/ edit jobseeker’s information.
  • Admin user can view the jobseeker’s applications for each job.
  • Manage complete employer section. Admin user can activate/deactivate/delete/ edit company information.
  • Manage posted jobs. Like: activate/deactivate/delete/edit posted job.
  • Manage whole website content. Dynamic CMS is included to manage the content of the website.
  • Admin user can send message to any jobseeker or job provider.
  • Admin user can send bulk emails as well.
  • Admin user can manage the skills section. Like: Add or remove skills from the website.
  • Manage newsletters section
  • Manage success stories
  • Admin user can manage and handle the prohibited words for whole website.
  • Admin user can add/edit countries, cities, salaries range, qualification, institutes, job industries, website ads.


After registration job provider can perform following action:

  • Add / Edit company’s profile
  • Post new job vacancies
  • Edit / Deactivate posted jobs
  • Job provider can see the list of jobseekers who has applied for the job
  • Job provider can search jobseekers
  • Job provider can see and download the jobseeker’s resume
  • Job provider can send message to any job seeker


After registration job seeker can perform following actions:

  • Search for jobs
  • Apply Online for desire job
  • Add/Edit profile information including qualification, experience, and skills.
  • Build his resume by using CV builder functionality of the website.
  • Upload latest resume.


From main website, user can perform following actions:

  • Search jobs on the basis of skills, city, country or job title
  • Register as a jobseeker or as a job provider
  • Login to jobseeker or job provider portal
  • About Us
  • Contact us
  • Recent Jobs

Local environment Install

  1. Clone the repository and install the packages in the virtual env:pip install -r requirements.txt
  2. Add .env file.cp .env
  3. Add Github client ID and client secret in the .env file


1.With the venv activate it, execute:

python collectstatic

Note : Collect static is not necessary when debug is True (in dev mode)

  1. Create initial database:python migrate
  2. Load demo data (optional):python loaddata fixtures/app_name_initial_data.json – app app.model_name
  3. Run server:python runserver

Run test:

python test

To dump data:

python dumpdata – format=json – indent 4 app_name > app_name/fixtures/app_name_initial_data.json


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