Online Medicine Shop using NodeJS MYSQL

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Online Medicine Shop using NodeJS MYSQL  . The purpose of the system is to ease the process of ordering/purchasing medicines online as well as directly. The system manages the customers and their orders as well as all the details of medicines (Manufacturer info, Expiry Date, etc.). The system is being developed in NodeJs and is based on relational database MySQL. The system will be made available across all the branches of the store along with the users.

Admin Features : 

  1. Add Medicine , Delete Medicine, Edit Medicine.
  2. Add Category , Delete Category ,  Edit Category
  3. Add Brand, Delete Brand, Edit brand.
  4. See All Order.
  5. Update order Status.
  6. Customer Activate , Deactivate.

User Features :

  1. Register.
  2. Login .
  3. Edit Profile.
  4. Add To Cart.
  5. Purchase Medicine.
  6. Check Purchase Status.

Technologies in Used :-

  1. NodeJs.
  2. JavaScript.
  3. CSS.
  4. HTML.
  5. Mysql.
  6. Bootstrap.

Installation Steps :-

  1. create new mysql database import sql file.
  2. run command npm install .
  3. run Command - npm start .

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