Ecommerce Shopping Price Comparison Website using Web Scraping | PHP Projects

Ecommerce Shopping Price Comparison Website using Web Scraping | PHP Projects . A PHP based website that provides price comparison over various online shopping website such as Flipkart , Amazon  to provide best price for the same product using web scraping (PHP simple DOM) .

Web scraping lets you collect data from web runners across the internet. It's also called web crawling or web data birth.
PHP is a extensively used backend scripting language for creating dynamic websites and web operations. And you can apply a web scraper using plain PHP law.
But since we don't want to resuscitate the wheel, we can work some readily available opensource PHP web scraping libraries to help us collect our data.
In this tutorial, we will be agitating the colorful tools and services you can use with PHP to scrap a web runner. The tools we will bandy are Guzzle, Goutte, Simple HTML DOM, and the headless cybersurfer Symfony Catamount.

Project inspired by github
Note before you scrape a website, you should precisely read their Terms of Service to make sure they're OK with being scrapedScraping data – indeed if it's intimately accessible – can potentially load a website's waiters.


  1. Search bar to search products over various websites.
  2. Websites include Amazon, Flipkart
  3. Latency from the point of clicking from search button to getting results is less than 5 seconds.
  4. Visit to site button ,provides direct redirection towards the clicked website.
  5. Supports multi-word queries in Search bar.
  6. Built on PHP Simple DOM web scraping platform.


extract in ..xampp/htdocs and run on localhost
or wamp/www/ 

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