School Management System in php mysql

The main purpose using School Management System Project is to avoid manual problems and also documentation storage problem we can’t maintain long period data that’s why we used computerized system to overcome all problem related to school’s data storing and other arias.

Admin Features

  1. Add/update/delete students information
  2. Add/update/delete teachers information
  3. Add/update/delete parents information
  4. Add/update/delete student marks
  5. Manage logins for students/parents/teachers.
  6. Manage school events
  7. Get feedback from Students/Parents
  8. Manage transportation details
  9. Edit system settings
  10. Send Message to Teacher/Parents/Students

Teacher Features

  1. Add/update/delete students information
  2. Import/Export marks as CSV
  3. Add/update/delete parents information
  4. Add/update/delete class routine
  5. Add/update/delete student marks
  6. Add/update/delete Events
  7. Manage login's for students/parents
  8. Send message to parents
  9. Manage marks/attendance/exams/classes
  10. Send marksheets to parents email

Parent Features

  1. View teacher's profile
  2. View school transportation and routes
  3. View subject details
  4. View school events in calendar
  5. View marks and attendances
  6. Send feedback/message to administration/teachers/students
  7. View class routine

Download Code


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  1. Regular free updates
  2. Regular updates are available to download for free.
  3. Responsive user interface
  4.  school will over all kinds of devices seamlessy.
  5. Multiuser account system
  6. Access for admin, teacher, student and parent.
  7. Export data in PDF
  8. Export report data in PDF.
  9. Codeigniter framework
  10. Built on latest version (3.0.0 ) of Codeigniter php framework.
  11. Developer support ready
  12. Dedicated developer support is available any time.
  13. Student fees management
  14. Manage student fees very easily.
  15. Easy customization
  16. Easliy customizable with the help of understandable documentation.
  17. Multiple language support
  18. Supports 21 different languages.
  19. Class routine schedule
  20. Very easy to create and manage class routine schedules.
  21. Home work document
  22. Attach and download study documents.
  23. Parent monitor child activity
  24. Parent monitor all activities of his child.
  25. Chart & Graph analysis in fees
  26. Chart & graph representation of fees and expenses.
  27. Exam marks management
  28. Manage exam marks of all student.
  29. Profile system
  30. Edit profile settings as you wish.
  31. Transport management
  32. Transport management for all routes.
  33. Hostel management
  34. Manage all hostels and their rooms.
  35. Library management
  36. Systematic management of all library books.
  37. Best quality at lowest price
  38. Best quality product offered at lowest price.
  39. Internal messaging
  40. Admin can send private messages to teacher, student and parent.
  41. Daily attendance
  42. Managing daily attendance is now hassle free.
  43. Sibling Management
  44. Manage multiple children of single parent in one parent account.
  45. Class-Section
  46. Organize classes in multiple sections for an easier management.
  47. Database Backup / Restore
  48. Easily backup, restore the whole database.
  49. Print Records
  50. Take printout of every records.
  51. Accounting
  52. Trace student fees and expenses all at a place.
  53. SMS gateway intergration
  54. Get informed about student marks and events with SMS notifications.
  55. Manual payment
  56. Ability to take manual payments in cash, cheque, DD.
  57. Online Paypal payment
  58. Parent can pay student fees form their parent account.
  59. Aesthetically designed UI
  60. Aesthetically design user interface in HTML5, CSS3.


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