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Inventory Management System Java Mysql NetBeans Project with Source Code

This project helps us to access and manage the information easily. And also helps to verify the stock currently available with them and to update the stock when necessary.  This project reduce the time to search the product from the current available stock. The role of an inventory system is to track your products and supplies. Inventory management System.

Inventory Management System Project Java Features List.

  1. Supplier Login.
  2. Retailer Login Registration.
  3. Add Products.
  4. Sell Products.
  5. Search Products.
  6. Track Inventory.
  7. Return Products.
  8. Purchase Products.

Technology Used :

  1. Front end : Java Swing.
  2. Database :Mysql Database
  3. IDE Used : Netbeans 8.2 RC

How to run the Payroll System using Java source code

The following are the software that you’ll need in order for this program to run:

Step 1: You must have Java Development Kit Software. you can download the JDK in this website

Step 2: You must have Netbeans 8.2 .

Step 3: Install XAMPP

Step 4: Download the Source code below

Step 5: Setup the database

Download Link