Manuscript Peer Review System using ASP.NET Core

The Manuscript Peer Review System is a web-based platform designed to streamline the process of reviewing and evaluating scholarly manuscripts submitted for publication. This system aims to facilitate efficient and transparent peer review, ensuring the quality and credibility of the published content in academic and research journals. It provides a common platform for authors, reviewers, and editorial members to submit, review, and track manuscripts or research papers.

Key Features:

The Manuscript Peer Review System offers a range of features to enhance the peer review process:
» Different Editorial Categories: The system allows for the categorization of manuscripts into different editorial categories, making it easier for reviewers and editorial members to find relevant submissions.
» Reviewer Based on Specialization: Manuscripts are assigned to reviewers based on their specialization, ensuring that experts in the field evaluate the content.
» Double-Blind Review Applied: The system supports double-blind review, where the identities of both the authors and reviewers are kept anonymous, ensuring unbiased evaluations.
» Efficient Submission Management: Authors can easily submit their manuscripts through the system, ensuring a smooth and organized submission process.
» Seamless Reviewer Assignment: Reviewers are assigned to manuscripts seamlessly, ensuring timely evaluations and reducing administrative burden.
» Preliminary Desk Checks: The system allows for preliminary desk checks to ensure that the submitted manuscripts meet the basic requirements and guidelines.
» Revision Management Workflow: Authors can submit revisions to their manuscripts, and the system tracks and manages the revision process efficiently.
» Effective Editorial Decision: Editorial members can make informed decisions based on the evaluations and recommendations provided by the reviewers.
» Automated Notification System: The system sends automated notifications to authors, reviewers, and editorial members at various stages of the peer review process, ensuring timely communication.
» In-app Messaging for Communication: The system provides an in-app messaging feature, allowing authors, reviewers, and editorial members to communicate and discuss the manuscripts within the platform.
» Support for Supplementary Materials: Authors can submit supplementary materials, such as datasets or additional files, to support their manuscripts.
» Comprehensive Search Functionality: The system offers a comprehensive search functionality, allowing users to easily find and access manuscripts based on various criteria.

Tools and Technology Used:

The Manuscript Peer Review System is built using the following tools and technologies:
» Language: C#
» Framework: ASP.NET Core 7
» UI Project Type: ASP.NET Core Razor Pages
» Authentication/Authorization: Identity Core
» ORM: Entity Framework, Dapper
» UI Framework: Bootstrap, AdminLTE
» Database: SQL Server Express 2019
» IDE: Visual Studio 2022


To use the Manuscript Peer Review System, you will need the following:
» ASP.NET Core 7
» SQL Server Express 2019
» Visual Studio 2022
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What You Will Get:

» Full Source Code with Visual Studio Solution
» Database Script in SQL Express 2019
» Project Documentation


With the Manuscript Peer Review System, you can streamline the peer review process for scholarly manuscripts, ensuring efficient and transparent evaluations. Experience the benefits of a web-based platform designed specifically for the needs of academic and research journals.

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