Online Tourism Management System in Java JSP Mysql

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Online Tourism Management System in Java JSP Mysql, netbeans is an integrated web-based software developed for tour operating companies. The main aim of this project is to help the tourism companies to manage their customers, hotels, vehicles, and agents. It makes all operations of the tour company easy and accurate. Tourism can be domestic or international, and international tourism has both incoming and outgoing implications on a country's balance of payments. Today, tourism is a major source of income for many countries, and affects the economy of both the source and host countries, in some cases being of vital importance.

Admin Features :

  1. Manage Rooms
  2. Manage Hotels
  3. Manage Packages
  4. Manage users
  5. Manage orders
  6. Manage Vehicles
  7. Manage Foods
  8. Manage Transports

User / Customer Features :

  1. Purchase packages
  2. View order
  3. View Purchases
  4. View and book foods
  5. view and book transports

Technology Used in the project - Online Tourism Management System in Java JSP Mysql

  1. HTML : Page layout has been designed in HTML
  2. CSS : CSS has been used for all the desigining part
  3. JavaScript : All the validation task and animations has been developed by JavaScript
  4. JSP : All the front end logic has been written in JSP
  5. Java : All the bussiness logic has been written in Java
  6. MySQL : MySQL database has been used as database for the project
  7. Tomcat : Project will be run over the Tomcat server

Supported Operating System - Online Tourism Management System in Java JSP Mysql

  1. We can configure this project on following operating system.
  2. Windows : This project can easily be configured on windows operating system. For running this project on Windows system, you will have to install
  3. Tomcat 7, JDK 7, MySQL 5.
  4. Linux : We can run this project also on all versions of Linux operating system
  5. Mac : We can also easily configured this project on Mac operating system.


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