Real Time Student Attendance by Zkteco Or RFID Fingerprint Reader with SMS System Software

This is a Biometric (Finger/Thumb as well as RFID card or any Zkteco device of any model) based Automatic Student Attendance System. Parents get an instant SMS Notification through Automatic SMS on their mobile phones as soon as their child enters / Exits the school.

Zktecko any model supported.This is desktop software and  Source code included and microsoft sql server 2012 has been used here.SMS can be sent using modem or by any web service.

Real time punch data will be pulled from zktecko device by this software and then save record to mssql server.Teacher can easily see punch time in software.Student in and out time with their name and phone details dashborad will help teacher to find students attendence record.Parents will get sms of their children at the moment of entering school time.Teacher can aslo send sms manually selecting a student or multiple student.


  1. Class
  2. Student
  3. Atteendence
  4. Punch In  And Out
  5. Payment
  6. SMS
  7. User
  8. Auto Data Backup

Technical Requirements:

  1. MSSQL Server 2012
  2. Visual Studio 2013
  3. Devexpress
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