Student Counselling system Core Java, Swing, Netbeans

This is an Student Counseling System Java Swing. To run this project u need to install Netbeans with (java 1.8 ) recommended . Just  Download And run This Project uses File System as database.

Technology Used :

  1. Front end : Java Swing.
  2. Database : Sqlite Database
  3. IDE Used : Netbeans

Abstract of Student Counselling System

To ensure the quality teaching-learning process in Institutions, right from the entry of the student through competition, streamlining of admissions is one of the important parameters. With this view and to resolve the generic problems faced by the candidates, their parents, and state administration during Entrance test/counseling/admissions in all courses during admissions of student it is decided to be made based on the merit of entrance tests.

To bring in 100% transparency and to make the admissions highly cost-effective and to minimize the travel by the candidates and parents, The Student Counseling System is designed to enhance the counseling experience during the admission process. This system will provide great help not to the students but also to the parents who are there to invest money in children’s education.

The Student Counseling System is developing to improve the counseling, which fully works as online software. Through this system, the student will be able to report then register for the counseling as he is eligible after if the student is qualifying the criteria, then it will get the information regarding the colleges and the universities to which he can apply.

A student can also get information regarding how many seats have been booked and vacant seats available in the institution. This will help a student in selecting the branch in which they are interested and not what the colleges are offering. All this information will give in sort interval time to the student which speeds up the process reduce the institutes time.

This software is not only providing ease to the students but also helps the institution to manage their whole procedure of the counseling by minimizing the paperwork which decreases their carbon footprint on the environment and the time factor will also get minimized as all the process is happening online.

Project Features :-

  1. Student add , delete , edit.
  2. Student Subject Allotment.
  3. Student Branch Allotment.
  4. Student Counselling Result . 

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