White Label Translate it – A New Premium Translator for iOS

Features List:

1. Full voice to text and text to voice translator
2. Camera translator
3. Camera cropping and automatically text detection
4. Language manager
5. Chat History
6. Chat favorites
7. Settings and customizations
8. Voice speed settings
9. Detect end of speech
10. Auto correction
11. Auto speak
12. Auto capitalization
13. Profanity filter
14. Today widget: translate to 17 languages
15. Today widget: speak translated text
16. Today widget: copy text by clipboard
17. Keyboard extension: translate to 108 languages
18. Keyboard extension: language picker
19. Keyboard extension: emoji
20. Keyboard extension: long press to change language(en/ru)
21. Safari extension: website translation
22. Safari extension: google, bind, baidu, youdao and yandex translation
23. Full screen translation
24. Full screen translation to voice
25. Copy translated text to clipboard
26. Share translated text
27. Add to favorites translated text
28. Delete translated text
29. Play translated text
30. Stop playing translated text
31. Main screen history chat
32. Main screen, expand/close translated item
33. In app purchases on onboarding
34. Speech Screen: auto detection end of the speech
35. Speech Screen: auto correction
36. Speech & Home Screen: auto translation of the spoked text
37. Home Screen: switch between speech and text input
38. Home Screen: Select main language(source)
39. Bottom info/error toasts, center delete alerts
40. Languages Screen: Last two used languages
41. Languages Screen: Search trough languages
42. History Screen: Search trough history items
43. Favorites Screen: Search trough favorite items
43. Favorites & History Screen: select, edit, share and delete item
44. Camera - auto text detection
45. Camera - auto text translation
46. Camera - auto language detection
47. Camera - language switching
48. Camera - image gallery import
49. Camera - automatically and manually draggable text translation area
50. Camera - automatically and manually resizable text translation area

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