Alternative Medicine Recommendation System Machine Learning Project

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The medicine recommendation system is intended to suggest alternative medicines based on the cosine similarity between a patient's symptoms and the effects of various medications. The system makes use of a database of medications and their indications, as well as a list of symptoms that a patient may exhibit. It vectorizes the data, applies filters, and makes suggestions. Medicines with a higher cosine similarity are considered more relevant and recommended to patients. In the scenario of a medical emergency, when physicians or prescribed medications are unavailable, this recommender serves as a valuable resource. The proposed medicine recommendation system has the potential to help healthcare professionals and patients make educated decisions about alternative medications. The system can reduce the risk of adverse drug reactions and improve patient outcomes by suggesting alternative medicines that are more effective and have fewer side effects. Overall, the proposed medicine recommendation system
has the potential to significantly improve patient care by making effective recommendations for alternative medications. It can also reduce healthcare professionals’ workload by automating the process of

Kaggle Dataset

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The remarkable technological advancements in the health care industry have improved recently for the betterment of patients’ life and providing better clinical decisions. Applications of machine learning and data mining can change the available data to valuable information that can be used for recommending appropriate drugs by analyzing symptoms of the disease.

A machine learning approach for multi-disease with drug recommendation can be proposed to provide accurate drug recommendations for the patients suffering from various diseases. This approach generates appropriate recommendations for the patients suffering from cardiac, common cold, fever, obesity, optical, and ortho. Supervised machine learning approaches such as Support Vector Machine (SVM), Random Forest, Decision Tree, and K-nearest neighbors can be used for generating recommendations for patients.

Steps to Open Localhost for application:

  1. Download Pycharm IDE and Open this application folder in it.
  2. Open Termial.
  3. Import Libraries: streamlitpandas and pickle.
  4. Type- streamlit run
  5. if the application does not start then type python -m streamlit run

Note Special Instruction if terminal throws an error "streamlit is not recognized as an internal or external command" still after importing all libraries.

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