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Complete Payment Gateway Solution Script

PWallet is a complete payment gateway solution script. You can start your payment gateway business without any technical knowledge using PWallet. Every user can deposit and withdraw their money. PWallet is a multi-currency-based system. Users can send and receive money. They also can send payment requests to their client like Payoneer. PWallet comes with tons of settings. You can change almost everything using those settings. You can install it only for 3-4 clicks. No need for any technical knowledge to install it. System requirements are very low. You can use cPanel hosting, VPS hosting and almost every hosting solution you want to use.

Admin Panel

  1. Manage User and Staff
  2. Manage User and Staff Role
  3. Manage Currency
  4. Manage Payment Gateway
  5. Manage Withdraw Methods
  6. Manage Withdraw Request
  7. Manage Page
  8. Manage Blog
  9. Manage Faq
  10. Manage Notification Templates
  11. Manage Appearance and theme setting

User Panel:

  1. Manage Store
  2. Manage Wallet
  3. Profile Management
  4. Send Balance Request to other user
  5. Send Withdraw Request to admin
  6. Process Balance Request send to him
  7. Nice Wallet management

Front End :

  1. Guest user can view the dynamic page
  2. User can contact with admin
  3. User can subscribe to the system
  4. User can view and comment on blog post

Pre Requisites For Server:

- Linux Server.
 - Minimum RAM 2GB.
 - Minimum Space 20GB.
 - PHP 7.2+.
 - Database (Preferred MYSQL 5.7+).
 - Apache 2.4/Nginx Server.