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Multi vendor Event Ticket Booking Management App Full Solution

sounds like a comprehensive app that helps with event management, organization, and planning. As a virtual assistant, Provide some general information about event management apps and their features.

Overall, an event management app like MagicMate can be incredibly useful for anyone who regularly plans events, from small gatherings to large conferences. The convenience of having all the necessary information and tools in one place can save time and reduce stress, making the planning process more enjoyable and successful.

Features :

  1. A complete fully working system.
  2. Customer App & Organizer App Flutter code.
  3. An Admin Panel & Organizer Panel Dashboard(PHP Based)
  4. Database(MySQL)
  5. Constant development with regular updates.
  6. Clean, well-structured and maintainable code
  7. Active customer support to help.
  8. Value for money system.
  9. Flexible prices, no surprises!

For Live Demo & Enquiry  :

WhatsApps : +916263056779

Email :

Script Come With :

  •  Free Installation support
  • Free technical support
  •  Future product updates
  •  Quality checked by PROJECTWORLDS
  •  Lowest price guarantee
  •  3 months support included