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Multi Vendor ebook Android App (Paid book app, PDF, ePub, payment gateway) + admin panel

Multi-Vendor ebook Android App (Paid book app, PDF, ePub, payment gateway) + admin panel + author panel

Multi-Vendor ebook Android Application to read the books & magazine online. User can register, login , read the ebook & emagazine, buy paid ebook, download ebooks to read offline, rate ebooks, comments ebooks, search ebooks share app via social media apps and many more features within the app. In Multi-Vendor ebook Android App, User can buy paid book via Google In-App Purchase, paypal , Razorpay, Paytm, Flutterwave, PayUmoney, UPI payment gateway & read , download book. also user login with facebook, login with gmail & OTP registration

User can register as Author & after Approval admin, Author can upload unlimited Free/Paid books and Earning money user bought books. Author can manage books/magazine from app & author panel. also check earning, download books count, payment history, Sales Reports, Bank Details. Author will get books sell payment at end of month. User can buy a book and also buy a chapters

Multi-Vendor ebook Android App – contains Books & Magazines also nicely manage wallet in application. Wallet history & Transacation history show on wallet page.

Application have clean source code, buyer will get nice documentations for reskin the app and upload admin panel on server, Its Easy to Reskin& customization

Features Application for Multi-Vendor ebook Android App:-

  1. User become Author
  2. Author can Upload books/Magazine from Application
  3. Payment Gateway manage from admin panel
  4. Top Reading, Popular, New Arrival Books
  5. Search books and authors
  6. Author bio and its books
  7. Top Categories
  8. Books Collection by Categories
  9. List of authors
  10. List of Paid Books
  11. List of Free Books
  12. Continue Reading Books
  13. Book Detail & Related Books
  14. Awesome material Design
  15. Add Comments
  16. Sample Book for Read before Buy
  17. Buy Paid Book
  18. Google in-app purchase integrated
  19. Paypal Payment Gateway integrated
  20. RazorPay Payment Gateway integrated
  21. Paytm integrated
  22. Flutterwave integrated
  23. PayUmoney integrated
  24. Support PDF / EPUB files
  25. PDF Horizontal view
  26. Free Book Direct Download
  27. User Purchased books Collection
  28. User Profile
  29. Add to Bookmark
  30. user login / registration
  31. Settings
  32. Enable push notification
  33. Share App
  34. Rate App
  35. Logout
  36. Screenshot disable
  37. Share Books with others
  38. Download Books for offline
  39. Downloaded Books with password
  40. advertise banner show
  41. Beautiful UI / UX
  42. Support user account
  43. Admob Banners and Interstitial Ads
  44. OneSignal Push Notification
  45. All Device Compatibility
  46. Latest UI With Material Design
  47. Easy to Reskin
  48. Easy to Customization
  49. Night Mode Support
  50. RTL Support
  51. Multilanguage Support
  52. Privacy policy page added
  53. About Us page added
  54. Download books in private storage
  55. Night mode available
  56. Login with facebook
  57. Login with Gmail
  58. Login with Mobile OTP

Features Admin Panel for Multi-Vendor ebook Android App:-

  1. Simple, Attractive & Statistical Dashboard
  2. Manage Books with Categories and Author
  3. Add/Update/Delete Categories
  4. Add/Update/Delete Authors
  5. Add/Update/Delete Books
  6. Add/Update/Delete Magazine
  7. Manage Comments by admin
  8. Manage App Setting from admin panel
  9. Sales Report
  10. Settlement – author payment
  11. Payout History
  12. Change Currency from admin panel
  13. SMTP Intigrated
  14. Receive Email when book purchase
  15. Admob on/off from backed
  16. Push Notification send from admin panel
  17. Push Notification key chage from backend
  18. Attractive UI / UX
  19. Advertise Banner
  20. Easy to Reskin
  21. Easy to Customization

Features Author Panel for Android EBook App:-

  1. Simple, Attractive & Statistical Dashboard
  2. Manage Books with Categories and Author
  3. Add/Update/Delete Books
  4. Payout Report
  5. Sales Report
  6. Profile
  7. Bank Details
  8. SMTP Intigrated
  9. Receive Email when book purchase
  10. Attractive UI / UX
  11. Easy to Reskin
  12. Easy to Customization

Server Requirements:-

  1. PHP Vertsion 5.6/5.8/7.0
  2. Apache server
  3. MySQL Database
  4. Hosting with cpanel/WHM recommended

What You Get:-

  1. Full Android Source Code
  2. Full Php Code of Server Side
  3. Well Documentation

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  •  Lowest price guarantee
  •  3 months support included