Online Book Store Project in Spring Boot with Source Code

The Book Store Management System is a web-based application that allows users to browse, search, and purchase books online. It provides a user-friendly interface for customers to explore the bookstore's catalog, add items to their cart, and complete transactions securely. Additionally, the system offers administrative capabilities for managing inventory, processing orders, and monitoring sales.

The primary purpose of this project is to develop a robust and scalable web application using Spring Boot framework that facilitates the management of a book store. The system aims to streamline various processes involved in operating a bookstore, including inventory management, customer transactions, and administrative tasks.

1. Objectives

  1. Develop a responsive and intuitive web application for managing bookstore operations.
  2. Implement secure authentication and authorization mechanisms to protect sensitive data.
  3. Provide an extensive catalog of books with robust search and filtering capabilities.
  4. Enable customers to add items to their shopping cart, proceed to checkout, and make payments securely.
  5. Empower administrators with tools for managing inventory, processing orders, and generating reports.
  6. Ensure scalability and maintainability of the system to accommodate future growth and enhancements.

2. Technologies Used

  1. Spring Boot
  2. Spring MVC
  3. Spring Data JPA
  4. Thymeleaf (for front-end templating)
  5. H2 database
  6. Maven (for dependency management)
  7. Git (version control)

4. Features

  1. User authentication and authorization
  2. Browse books by category, author, or title
  3. Add, edit, or delete books
  4. Search functionality
  5. Shopping cart management
  6. Checkout process
  7. Order history
  8. Admin panel for managing books and users

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