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Restaurant POS ASP.Net Core MVC

Point Of Sale is an all-in-one restaurant management software that helps promote your restaurant inside and outside the premises. It gives you the opportunity to focus on improving your restaurant infrastructure while automatically managing all of your business. GoRestora POS software for restaurants ensures customer loyalty, high returns, return on investment, accuracy and efficiency. It retains powerful tools and automated intelligence that helps reduce waste, monitor employees, performance, and improve overall operations.

GoRestora POS system helps you make more informed and valuable decisions. It provides customers with a seamless and streamlined experience for many of their orders, whether in-store, online, or takeout. It gives them quick services with various options to stimulate their interest and interest in your restaurant.

Now you are no longer alone in managing your restaurant operations as GoRestora is the all-in-one restaurant POS software that meets your restaurant needs. Light-speed, cloud-based point-of-sale software gives you flexibility, and you can efficiently manage your restaurant operations anytime, anywhere using connection-enabled devices. connections like Android, iOS and Windows.


  1. Dashboard
  2. Waiter Panel
  3. Deliveryman Panel
  4. POS
  5. Kitchen
  6. Cash Register / Work Period
  7. Order History
  8. Purchase
  9. Tables
  10. Food Items
  11. Food Groups
  12. Modifiers
  13. Ingredients
  14. Accounting (Accounts, Deposits, Transfers, Expenses, Transactions) • People (Customers, Suppliers)
  15. Reports (Work Period Report, Sale Report, Item Sale Report, Sale Summary Report, Sale Detailed Report, Purchase Report, Expense Report, Stock Alert Report, Customer Due Report, Supplier Due Report)
  16. HRM (Employees, Attendance, Payroll, Holidays, Departments)
  17. Users
  18. Settings (General, Company, Currency, Email, Language, Payment Methods, Tax Rates, Discounts, Charges, Backup, Theme)
  19. My Account (Change Password, Logout)

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