Covid-19 Hospital Management python django Project with Source Code

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Covid-19 Hospital, Patient Management, Beds Management, Python Django Project with Source Code . Covid-19 Hospital patient management , system will full and advanced features. Hospital Management System is a web application for the hospital which manages doctors and patients. In this project, we use Python Django  and SQLite database. A responsive web-app with aesthetic and accessible UI for managing COVID patients of a certain hospital built using Django and Bootstrap framework

Features: Covid-19 Hospital Management python django


  1. Clean aesthetic User Interface, which changes dynamically as per the status of patient changes
  2. In bed availability grid the red color indicates that bed is occupied else available
  3. It is one of the two pages available for public to view
  4. Here you can add patient for storing it to the db.
  5. Patient's relative contact details are also taken to check if the relative has contacted COVID virus
  6. Bed numbers which are available are only shown
  7. Information filled here, will make changes in dashboard dynamically
  8. Since there are relatively more COVID patients than any other viruses/diseases, a checklist for COVID symptoms only is present
  9. Here you can search patients wrt to name, bed no. doctor assigned and status
  10. You can also find update button to update the patient details.
  11. This is where the actual updates for individual patients are done
  12. Seat Management.
  13. Equipment Management.
  14. Oxygen Management.
  15. Doctor Management.
  16. Daily Patient Routine Checkup .
  17. Hospital capacity, including information on ICU capacity and available ventilators
  18. Staffing levels, including any shortages
  19. How many patients are coming into the hospital with confirmed or suspected COVID-19 cases
  20. Many other relevant details that public health officials need to properly coordinate COVID responses

Technical Specification:

  1. Frontend
  2. HTML5
  3. CSS3
  4. JQuery
  5. Bootstrap4
  6. Backend
  7. Django framework
  8. Database
  9. SQLite


  • Setup virtual environment
  • Exceute pip install -r requirements.txt.
  • run python runserver.

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