Live Face Mask Detection Project in Machine Learning

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Face Mask Detection web applicaion built with Flask, Keras-TensorFlow, OpenCV. It can be used to detect face masks both in images and in real-time video.

The goal is to create a masks detection system, able to recognize face masks both in images, both in real-time video, drawing bounding box around faces. In order to do so, I finetuned MobilenetV2 pretrained on Imagenet, in conjunction with the OpenCV face detection algorithm: that allows me to turn a classifier model into an object detection system. Live Face Mask Detection Project in Machine Learning.


  • Keras/Tensorflow
  • OpenCV
  • Flask
  • MobilenetV2


You have to install the required packages, you can do it:

  • via pip pip install -r requirements.txt
  • or via conda conda env create -f environment.yml

Once you installed all the required packages you can type in the command line from the root folder:


and click on the link that the you will see on the prompt.


The dataset used for training the model is available here.

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