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Loan Defaulter Prediction Machine Learning Projects

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Latest Machine Learning Project with Source Code

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Using supervised machine learning to train a model with credit default data to determine the probability and/or classification (“default” vs “non-default”) of the user’s liability. The UI will take user input such as, such as education level, sex, marital status, payment history and income, and will return a classification.

An app like this would be useful for financial and lending institutions to understand and manage the risk of their loans and lending portfolios.



  • Determining probability of user liability
  • Creating an interactive UI that will take users input and return an output
  • To determine if a neural network vs logistic regression is the better model for classification

Models Created

  • Logistic Regression
  • Random Forest Model
  • Deep Neural Network


Probability of Credit Card Default, Machine Learning

Technologies Used : -

  • beautifulsoup4==4.6.0
  • certifi==2018.4.16
  • chardet==3.0.4
  • click==6.7
  • Flask==1.0
  • gunicorn==19.8.0
  • idna==2.6
  • itsdangerous==0.24
  • Jinja2==2.10
  • MarkupSafe==1.0
  • numpy==1.14.3
  • pandas==0.22.0
  • python-dateutil==2.7.2
  • pytz==2018.4
  • requests==2.18.4
  • scikit-learn==0.19.1
  • scipy==1.0.1
  • six==1.11.0
  • SQLAlchemy==1.2.7
  • urllib3==1.22
  • Werkzeug==0.14.1