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Free PHP Projetcs

  1. Online Examination php project
  2. School Management System php project
  3. Attendance Management System php project
  4. Online Admission System php project
  5. Tours and Travels Project php project
  6. Student Result Management php project
  7. Online Jewellery Shopping php project
  8. Online Shopping php project
  9. Online art gallery php project
  10. Online Matrimonial Website php project
  11. Online Book Store project  php project
  12. Blood Bank Management System php project
  13. Car Rental System php project
  14. Online Food Ordering System Project in PHP
  15. Hostel Management System Project in PHP
  16. Student Result Management System Project in PHP
  17. Online Voting System Project in PHP
  18. Gym Management System Project in PHP
  19. Leave Management System Project in PHP
  20. Image Crop Project In PHP
  21. Image Editor Project In PHP
  22. Online Hotel Booking In PHP
  23. College Management System Project In PHP
  24. PHP Image Gallery Project Source Code
  25. Online Notes Sharing Platform PHP
  26. Travel Management System Project in PHP
  27. House rental And Property Listing Project PHP
  28. electricity bill payment Project in PHP MSQL
  29. Expense Management System in php
  30. Time Management System PHP
  31. PHP Online File Storage Project
  33. Online Hotel Booking system in php
  34. Online Doctor Appointment Booking System PHP
  35. Visitor Management System in PHP
  36. online chat application using php
  37. PHP casino Project Black Jack Slots
  38. Life Insurance Management System in PHP
  39. Beauty Parlour Management System using PHP and MySQL
  40. Vehicle Breakdown Assistance Management System Project in PHP Laravel
  41. Online Time Table Generator PHP MYSQL
  42. Online Lawyer Management System Project Using PHP MYSQL
  43. Student Project Allocation System using PHP

Paid  PHP Projects

  1. Advance Online Examination php project
  2. PHP Online Admission System Project
  3. Airlines Reservation System PHP
  4. School Billing System Project in PHP
  5. School Bus Booking System project in PHP
  6. Download Online Job Portal php project
  7. Online Bus Booking System in PHP
  8. Asset Management System Project in php
  9. Railway Reservation System in php
  10. Online Movie Ticket Booking System in php
  11. Hospital Management System In PHP
  12. inventory management system in php
  13. GST billing System Project in PHP
  14. Online Banking System Project in PHP
  15. Complaint Management System Project in PHP
  16. Online Blood Bank Project in PHP MYSQL
  17. Online Mobile Shopping Project in PHP
  18. Online Art Gallery Shop Project in PHP | Advance
  19. User Management System Project in PHP
  20. Online Crime Reporting System Project in PHP
  21. Placement Management System Project in PHP
  22. Crime Information Management System Project in PHP
  23. Olx Clone Project in PHP
  24. Online Bakery Shop In PHP
  25. Event Management System In PHP
  26. Online Hotel Management System In PHP
  27. Employee Management System Project In PHP
  28. Online Loan Management System In PHP
  29. Online Food Ordering System In PHP | Advance
  30. Gym Management System Project in PHP
  31. PHP CodeIgniter Complete Inventory
  32. Library Management System In PHP
  33. Online Car Cab Taxi Booking System Using PHP
  34. Car Selling and Showroom Management  PHP
  35. Cyber Cafe Management System in PHP
  36. ISP Management System php projects
  37. Freelancing Website Project in PHP Mysql
  38. Online Restaurant Table Booking System in Php
  39. Online Furniture Shop Project in PHP
  40. Garage Management System PHP
  41. Courier Management System Project in PHP
  42. Payroll Management System Project in PHP
  43. Online RTO Management System Project IN PHP
  44. Online Grocery Store Project in PHP Mysql
  45. Online Fashion Store Project in PHP MYSQL
  46. Hand Crafted Shopping Project in PHP MYSQL
  47. Olx clone in php mysql complete source code
  48. Online Pizza Ordering System in php mysql source code
  49. Online Hostel Visitor Management System in php mysql

Python Machine Learning Paid Project

  1. Movie Recommendation Python Django ,Machine Learning
  2. Crime Data Analysis Project in Machine Learning
  3. Multiple Disease Prediction using Machine Learning
  4. Fake News Detection using Machine Learning
  5. Fake Product Review Detection using Machine Learning
  6. Diabetes Prediction using Machine Learning
  7. Heart Disease Prediction using Machine Learning
  8. Skin cancer Detection using Machine learning
  9. Used Car Price Prediction Using Machine Learning
  10. Loan Defaulter Prediction Machine Learning
  11. Loan Eligibility Prediction Python Machine Learning
  12. Live Face Mask Detection Project in Machine Learning
  13. Hypo Thyroid Disease prediction Machine Learning 
  14. Credit Card Fraud Detection Machine Learning
  15. Pneumonia Prediction Using chest x-ray Image
  16. Breast Cancer Prediction Machine Learning Project Source Code
  17. Book Recommendation System Project Machine Learning
  18. NLP Spelling Correction Python Machine Learning
  19. Road Lane Detection Computer Vision Python Flask
  20. Forest wildfire detection from satellite images
  21. Object detection Python Machine Learning Web App
  22. Tomato Leaf Disease Prediction CNN Python Flask
  23. Automated Answer Grading System machine learning
  24. Fire Detection Using Surveillence Camera web app
  25. Plant Disease Prediction using CNN Flask Web App
  26. Rainfall Prediction using LogisticRegression Flask Web App
  27. Crop Recommendation using Random Forest flask web app
  28. Driver Distraction Prediction Using Deep Learning, Machine Learning
  29. Brain Stroke Prediction Machine Learning Source Code
  30. Chronic kidney disease prediction Flask web app
  31. Weapon Detection System Using CNN FLask Web app
  32. AI Healthcare chatbot project python with source code
  33. Ai Mental Health Chatbot project python with source code
  34. Ai generated Fake Face and Real Face detection using Deepfake
  35. Computer Parts Classification using CNN Web App Project
  36. Fruits Freshness Classification using Deep Learning Flask
  37. Image-Based Bird Species Identification Using Machine Learning
  38. Alternative Medicine Recommendation System Machine Learning
  39. Liver Cirrhosis Stage Prediction Machine Learning Python Web App
  40. SMS Spam Detection Machine Learning Project with Source Code
  41. Fraud detection on bank payments machine learning project